Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol-Week 3, Girls

It's becoming really clear who will be around for a while, isn't it? There is a decided gap between the have-it's and the others. Who made your cut?

The Best: Lacey Brown, Siobhan Magna, Didi Benami, Lilly Scott

The So-So's: Paige Miles,

The Oh, No's: Katie Stevens, Katelyn Epperly,

Crystal Bowersox is in a category of her own. 'Nuf said.

I promise that next week I'll be in for critiquing each singer...I'm really ready to tell you all how I feel about these kids! Head on back to BooMama's for other Idol posts!

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

So I tuned in for the first time all season last night, which is a travesty in and of itself I know, and Crystal was hands down my favorite.

Joyce said...

I think Paige should be in the oh-no category. She is a beautiful girl and I wish she'd do better. I'm hopeful when she walks on stage but then, nope.

Amy Bennett said...

Actually a really good recap of the night I concur. :)

Table4Five said...

I spent two hours hitting redial on my phone, trying to vote for Crystal, but I never got through. Her voice is INCREDIBLE! I'll buy any album she releases, and you KNOW she'll get a record deal regardless of the voting outcome.

Just Breathe said...

Tonight should be interesting.