Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Look! A List!

...because I cannot mentally handle anything more. Bear with me.

  • I have the tingtone from my old phone going through my head. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
  • My husband is still sick. Seriously. Any ideas?
  • I know now that summer is going to kill me. Two days of school left, a million things to do, and children that are on summer mode. 
  • We have company coming on Wednesday. Suppose I'll get any help from the boys? A girl can dream...
  • I go to Vegas in about 10 days and still don't have a hotel room. 
  • Nor do I have a way to get there. (I don't trust my car on the road to the desert.)
  • I figured out what to get for that teacher...If I don't forget I'll take a picture and post it. I think it's pretty awesome.
  • How do you (any of you) not take it personally when the majority of your family hates dinner? I'm getting really tired of 'failing' in this area. *sigh*
  • I have watched about 90 minutes total in the last 6 years of LOST, yet I still watched all 3 (4?) hours of it tonight. Have no idea what is going on with the exception of the bones that they threw us in the 'recap' stuff. I promise I won't ask any questions; I'm too lost to even have any.
  • Carl's Jr. commercials are disgusting.
  • I hesitate to complain about this, but where the hell is spring? We are having a 'winter storm' again. Yes, it actually brought about 6 inches of snow to the local mountains today. I don't love it when it's over 90 but, you know, the 70's might be nice.
  • I mysteriously hurt my knee this weekend.
OK, enough random for tonight. Do you have a random thought for the day?

Headless Mom


Anna See said...

Well, I pulled a chest muscle trying to separate 2 shopping carts. Is that random enough? :)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Oooooh...Vegas...I've never been, so, like, this means I will have to experience it vicariously through you, so, be sure to take lots and lots of photos and, you know, a blog post, or two, about your trip would be nice, too.

[ducks to avoid flying peep toe shoes]

Safe travels :)

kyooty said...

6inches of snow? yikes. I'm living it warm and sweaty here at 34C today. I have every ceiling fan in the house on max, I'm sure "Trading spaces" would be shuddering. LOL

The sick Hubbie? that is very concerning, can you get his lungs x-rayed something is going on? blood work? and so on?

Vagas, hmm can you rent car?

Yes I get very offended when no one likes the meal. Especially when I'm trying to healthy it up here for everyone's benefit. Feels more like a chore then a help. hugs!

Just Breathe said...

We have a swarm of bees on a very small palm tree.
Can't believe that HD is still sick. Hope your knee gets better.
The rain was strange on Sunday!
Lost: I am going to watch it again just to feel less lost. Did tape Jimmy Kimmel last night, it was a fun show with the cast. I have never been a fan of the Carl's Jr. ads. Now they bring sex into them!
Let them cook dinner, just stop!
Company is coming, who? See you tomorrow:)

Liz said...

If your husband has a cold make him a apple/lemon/honey tea.Boil apple & lemon peel then add honey & he should go beddy bye bye. If you don't have lemon, use a lemon tea bag.

Rocks In The Wash said...

Heard ya on the "missing" Spring. It snowed here today and many branches and limbs were down all over town. Can't believe we had snow and all of the kids get out for summer break on Friday. Summer; snow... go figure!

Have you tried giving Headless Dad echinacea to boost his immune system? I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

Keep your chin up.. love ya!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith said...

How about you asked your kids what they want for dinner, you make it, and then they refuse to eat it! Needless to say, no one had dessert in my house last night...