Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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I leave for BlogHer in a few hours. I packed my clothes last night and have to add the last few things this morning. I'm having a I pack my DSLR and the Kodak, or just the Kodak? I'm actually thinking of not even packing my laptop, to tell you the truth.

BlogHer, the third year is so different than BlogHer the first. Then, it was clothes and shoes, Oh My! This year I didn't even shop for it. Honestly, you people never see me anyway so how do you know if I bought a new dress or not? We dug through my closet and found my cutest outfits and cutest shoes, with a couple of back-ups thrown in just in case, and called it a day. (Thanks Mom and Aunt G!)

I'm not bringing a daytime bag for my stuff....I'll either carry my regular carry on or one of the swag bags that we'll get. (Holy cow, we got a lot of bags last year!)

If you're going to, or already at, BlogHer, please come and see me. Introduce yourself, punch me in the arm, something. I'm still in a coma from the weekend's festivities and not sure that I'll recognize you, or be functioning, really. Please know that I'm just tired but would love to meet you. Seriously. And if I seem like I'm not all there, it might be true, but it's me, not you. Really.

The one thing I'm really excited about is the Kodak Bus Tour on Thursday afternoon. Watch for my posts about it over at Reviews and Giveaways. Cool stuff. Let's hope I can stay awake after my all night flight!

Oh, and for a few lucky women at BlogHer, you'll get one of these beauties. It's the return of, in my not so humble opinion, the best swag ever at BlogHer. See you soon!
Headless Mom


Rocks In The Wash said...

Be safe and have a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

kyooty said...

Have a fabulous time! take lots of pics for those of us that haven't got their butts in gear and fear their hubbies will starve the children if left alone too long. LOL

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Cap'n Sam said...

Have fun111111
thanks for the great party for HD too!!

AmazingGreis said...

Now I'm totally bummed! There were no headless dolls in Chicago last year, so I think you should totally save one for me!!! I heard all about them though.

Have a safe trip and lots of fun and I'll totally miss you!!!