Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Disaster Averted

Yesterday we got an impromptu invitation to go to dinner with some friends. Without kids.

(cue Hallelujia chorus)

So rather that just throw on clothes, I showered, did my hair, took the polish off of my nails and repainted them, and put on something pretty.

We dumped the kids on, uh, took the kids to my BIL and SIL's house and went to dinner. Fun night! 2 of 3 couples we didn't know, but that was ok, we still enjoyed ourselves. No kids!

Anyway, I was tired so rather than stay up and mess around on the computer I went up to get ready for bed. I went to start taking off my eye makeup...and something smelled funny. You know, different. My eye makeup remover usually doesn't smell... AAAAAAACK!

Did you see it coming? Yeah, I tried to remove my eye makeup with NAIL POLISH REMOVER. Luckily I was right in front of the sink and was able to flush my eye with water. No harm done.

Yep, my "Duh" moment of the week.
Headless Mom


Busy Mom said...


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Lin said...

Oh no! Glad you noticed before you got it all in there.

Anna See said...

Yikes! Glad you are okay! Did you brush your teeth w/ preparation H?

Melissa said...

Love it. Duh moments are always amusing to others who have many of their own : ) Glad no harm was done!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank God you caught that!

Rocks In The Wash said...

I once forgot to clean off the contact cleaner and stuck the lens in my eye... We were still in the Sig Kap house and I thought I was going to have to pry my eyelids apart to get the thing out. It was awful.