Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 1

If you haven't see this around the web then you either don't read many blogs or live under a rock. There are a ton of bloggers doing it and I have no idea where or who started it. The gist is that there are 30 prompts for writing, truthfully, about yourself. Day 1 is "something you hate about yourself." Since I've been in a blogging rut lately (no, really!) I thought that I'd start. Whether I finish is another story all together.

What I hate about myself:

Long ago, as a teen, I realized a few things about my genes. One, my hair would be more gray earlier than my peers thanks to my father that had salt and pepper hair as far back as I can remember. Two, that I would always have issues with my teeth, thanks again to my father. (Love ya, Daddy!) And three, that I would never, ever, EVER have a flat stomach.

I have always wanted a flat, bikini-wearing-worthy tummy, but it is and never has been in the cards, or genes, for me. I hated that even in high school and college at my thinnest and most fit I always had a small pooch under my belly button. After I had two children, (huge children, I might add,) it has only gotten worse.

Granted, I got 2 awesome boys out of that, and 3 kids total out of the deal, but still.

Jillian's fab abs

Jillian Michaels? Now there are some perfect abs. Look- all the way down to the 'waist' line of her shorts. Flat. Or at least small and worthy of being bare. The thing that I hate most though is that while I "know" that my genes are not in my favor, and I have other features that are awesome, I still hate my tummy. I obsess over it. I camoflauge it when I can, and 'spanx' it when I can't. The part I hate most though is that I know I could do more to be 'closer' to that ideal and I'm too lazy to do it. Yes, I exercise. You all know I do. But the extra ab work, and changing up the cardio, and everything that could give me those abs? Nope. Not willing to do it.

And I think that that's what I hate the most is that I know what could fix the problem and won't do it.

Headless Mom


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes I have seen this everywhere. Sorry you don't like you tummy.
I did have the flattest tummy when I was young and well into my 20's.
Having a c-section from the belly button down made that go away but I too got two wonderful children from it. It will never be flat again but it surely needs to go down!! You would never know that you don't like yours.

kyooty said...

Atleast you only have a pouch! I have that belly that babies up to about the age of 3? have? you know thatsticks out from the boobs down? yep! a large D :)

Anna See said...

i keep forgetting to wear those spanx undies we got at blogher!

i could have a much better body but i just don't want to work on it. i'd rather drink a diet pepsi and read great blogs like yours.

Karen said...

All I can Headless mom is that I wish I had your belly :) So remember even if there is room for improvement, it is better then a lot of peoples lol

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Oh NO, I guess I've been living under a rock!

This is a really cool challenge.

I totally hear you about the belly thing. I wish I could have a flat tummy, but after four pregnancies, it's never going to happen.