Monday, November 22, 2010

Planning for an Empty Nest

Back on day 1 of NaBloPoMo I asked for questions that I could answer and promised that I would get to the answers before the end of the month. I'd better hurry!

Debby asked: What do you see yourself doing when the boys are away at college?
That's a hard one since I can hardly see past tomorrow. My youngest just turned 9 and is in 3rd grade so that's..... 9 more years until I have a completely empty nest. Oh holy cow. That's too fast. I've already sent one to college and I know how it feels. Not pretty.

But what will I do? Wow. I really don't know.  Let's see.... I'd like to finally finish my house since we all know that it won't be done by then. Painting, pictures on the wall, you know, all of the things that I don't have time to get to now. Oh, and I'd like the whole thing to be clean at one time, something that completely eludes me now while the kids are younger. I'd like to find a hobby with my husband that we both enjoy. I'd like to travel a little: local, national, and maybe international, too. Traveling to visit all of my friends and family across the country would be great!

I may decide to go back to work (if I haven't all ready,) but have literally no idea what I'd do. By then, it will have been 20 years since I had a real, outside the home job, and I don't think that I'll want to go back to waiting tables!

I would like to move back to Colorado, and unless we are able to do so within the next year or so, we'll be here until both boys get through high school. Again, I'm not sure how that would work with HD so close to retirement, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Mostly, I guess, I'd like to still be healthy and still have all of my family around me, so that we could all enjoy things together. By then I guess we'll be talking about college graduations, weddings, and  maybe even grandchildren, so being around to enjoy it all would be my biggest wish.

So what about you? What do you see yourself doing when you have an empty nest?

Headless Mom


Jess said...

Hi there,
My son is getting ready to graduate high school and though he is not going off to college he wants to move out or join the military. I am so proud of his choices he is making, but everytime I think about it I get a lump in my throat and I tear up a little bit.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for answering my question. I know you still have a long way to go before your nest is empty but I just wondered if you had any plans. The wedding and graduations are so much fun. You will be so proud of them each step of the way. Having your children nearby is a huge blessing too.

Anna See said...

Hmmmmmmm. I'd like to travel like I used to.

The Empress said...

I think I'd just like to sit down and get ride of things and downsize. THen, get on with that new phase of my life...

Tulsa Court said...

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