Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday. Really?

After a Monday like that, Tuesday has to get better, right?

In general, it was fine. Bowling with Debby from Just Breathe is always great. (She had a great trip last week to Chicago. Watch for her posts to come...she had some great stories to share!) I bowled like crap, but, eh, whatever.

We met the water guy at the house so he could check the dryness level in the walls and remaining floor. Good news! 3 walls, a closet, and the downstairs bathroom were done so he removed 8 of the blowers from the front hall. There are still 2 dehumidifiers and about 6 blowers, so, Yes, we're still in a hotel. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to check out of the hotel and go home.

We did get to go out to lunch together. That was cool, although we may possibly have had the worst server in the history of servers. 

Of course that just means the fun is just beginning. Headless Dad and I started the search for new flooring. At least we are kind of agreeing so far. We'd love to get hardwood but are unsure if it will be too expensive. We'll be replacing part carpet and part tile, so we'll just have to see what the insurance numbers come in at. I'm not worrying about it. I can't. There's just too much else to do.

We hit the polls late in the day. For the first time EVER we had to wait at the polls. I arrived just after 5pm and there was easily 100 people in front of me and I waited for over 45 minutes. That is great news-at least people are getting out to vote! The other 2 voters in my house cheated and walked up and joined me in line just before I was entering the voting room. I think I should get a gold star for standing in line, don't you?

So on to you, Wednesday. What do you have in store for me?

Headless Mom


Cap'n Sam said...

How about a "Waterless Wednesday" ??

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yep, Sam is right, Waterless Wednesday sounds like a great idea.
Imagine if this had happened when they were visiting! Thanks :) I always enjoy bowling with you too!
When the work is done I'm coming over for lunch after bowling.