Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Rough Day for the Kid

Today was a hard day for my Headless boy #1. It's hard to see your kids go through stuff, ya know?

Upon arriving home he said that he had a good day at school and got his snack. Luckily he got right to work on his homework. (He has taken to doing his homework in his room. Why? Not sure, but it has worked so far.) I was sitting with HB#2 while he was doing his work and we started to hear something coming from upstairs.

Thus began the wailing. Oh my goodness the wailing.

When I went up I found him crying about his homework. 53 problems assigned tonight, and he had only done about 12 of them. Oy. (Yes, this is the most math that he's ever had assigned for one night.) I really tried to talk him off of the ledge. I tried reasoning with him. I tried being ultra sympathetic, but nothing worked. I tried to get him to come down and work at the table, which lasted all of about 3 minutes.

And still with the crying. By now his eyes were red and swollen and he could hardly concentrate any more. I even tried to get him to take a break but he wouldn't. (Stubborn? Wonder where he gets it? Hmmmmm???)

Luckily HD came home just about then. Honestly, the way that we are able to co-parent in these situations is so lucky. HD is so good. He was able to talk him down and get him to push through and finish just as I was putting dinner on the table (at about 7:10.)

Dinner was nice, but not foreshadowing for what was to come unfortunately.

Fast forward to bed time and the kids were jacking around as usual, not getting ready for bed, ignoring me, you know the drill. (Please tell me that I'm not the only one that is ignored by her kid? Or just lie. I don't want to know.) I went up to crack the whip (figuratively, people) and threatened to take away the new Nerf guns and became the Worst! Mother! Ever! and by the time that I was tucking in and dispensing with kisses it happened.

(If I ever did this to my parents, I am SO SORRY. For real.)

He told me that I don't really love him, and that no matter what I say he'll never believe that I love him.


I told him that he could say that if he wanted but it wouldn't change how much I loved him and that if I didn't really love him I wouldn't be there, giving him goodnight kisses, nor would I be doing every other thing that I do. I wouldn't wash, scrub, cook for someone that I didn't care about.

Ugh. My heart hurts.

It's hard being a mom.

And bad days suck.

Headless Mom


Just Margaret said...

Aw...((hugs)) to you. Hope today is a better day for you guys.

Rocks In The Wash said...

((((HUGS)))) Thankfully, there are SO many more "good" days than "bad." Keep your chin up.

Karen Rothfus said...

Ouch!!!!!! I totally feel that pain. My youngest has done the same and that comment is one of the worst that we can hear as a mom. I use to believe it was directed at me, but now I believe it is more a cry for help. They are not feeling good about themselves for some reason and need us to reaffirm that we love them unconditionally. Also, they know they can take their frustration out on us and we will take it, cuz were their mom.

Last night we too had a meltdown night, also over math. I think sometimes we are pushing them too much, too soon. They have to crack eventually......Keaton has had five subs in the last 8 days and blames himself for not getting some of the nuances of math. AHHHHH.

Just give him time, if he is anything like mine he will be full of love and praises today :) That is the nice thing about kids, last night Keaton thought I was the worst mom in the world, but by bedtime he was cuddling on the couch.

Sorry that you had a bad day though, but it does make me feel good to know I'm not the only one that goes through that :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It happens to the best Moms! I am so sorry, I know it breaks your heart. ((HUGS))

Erica M said...

Sniffles. I'm sorry about your bad day; it's like we're having a bad mom week together. Thanks for the encouraging note you left on my blog and, no, we are never alone in our imperfection. I'm just glad we're all here for support and giggles. It'll get better.

Diana said...

My youngest's favorite thing to do is yell "No one liiiiikkkeeessss me!" in quite epic fashion and the throw herself into her room to sulk. Sometimes she adds things like "You all love sissy MORE!" or "I wish you'd never had me!" or "I don't even have any FRIENDS!"

Who knows maybe I've become hardened to it, but it doesn't bother me. With her it's always all about the drama though. She has TONS of friends, lots of love, a good life. She just wants to be the center of attention at that moment and not have to do whatever I told her to do. It lasts about five minutes and she's right back there telling me about her day, what she wants for Christmas, etc.


Anna See said...

We've had some rough days lately, too. Ugh.

kyooty said...

You are not alone. I know I've been lax on reading and commenting. I'm slow, been out on the frontierville too long.

My boys ignore me. I've got an 11yrold that cries at athe drop of a hat and can't seem to get any homework done on time. French homework is what will kill us all. Vive the Anglais! ugh!
My 9yrold says to me "why do you always say mean things"? My mean thing of the day? "go to bed, or else I'll cut 10minutes off tomorrow's bedtime" ugh!