Thursday, January 13, 2011

The CWA's

Back in November, I sent you over to vote in the Canadian Weblog Awards. Remember? The winners were announced on January 1st. There is a fantastic group of blogs to go may just find a new favorite! (Well, second only to me, right? ;-)  )

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards
I love Schmutzie, and this project was link worthy all on it's own, but I'm pleased to announce that I was one of the anonymous jurors! It was about a 2 month process between the 2 rounds of judging, preliminary and finals, and it was really fun. While I can't tell you which blogs I judged, I can tell you that I found some truly amazing blogs that I will go back to. The list of jurors can be found here.

So go check out the list of winners. Read the ones that sound interesting, and then read a few more. I guarantee you will find some great blogs. Go on!

Headless Mom


Erica M said...

I tried your list of winners link, but got a 404 message. I probably broke it.

Headless Mom said...

It's fixed! Thanks Erica!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think that was a great project and how awesome to be involved with it.