Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Rush Me, Mom!

I love the new comment spam feature on Blogger. I never have to worry about stuff slipping through the cracks and I don't have to rush to get things deleted. I don't get too many spam comments, but this one totally takes the cake. Honesty, FTW!

It's so hard to get backlinks these days, honestly i need a backlink by comments on your blog / forums or guestbook to make my website appear in search engine. I am getting desperate Now! I know you'll laugh while reading this comment !!! Here is my website (website redacted) I know my comments do not relate to the topic, but PLEASE HELP ME!! APPROVING MY COMMENT!
Regards: (Honest Spam Dude)
You know that he's a 55 year old, living with his mother, hanging out in the basement in his underwear. I can hear it now: "Mom! I'm trying to work down here! I'll get you your foot bath when I'm done!"

Headless Mom


Keetha Broyles said...

I too LOVE the new spam guard on Blogger - - - there is really NO NEED for word veri anymore and I wish all would tear theirs down.

However - - - I too have gotten this "style" of spam. I guess spammers are now HIRING 55 year old "dudes" to sit at a computer and individually and "live" spam folk's blogs!

No word veri will keep THAT kind of spam away as they are as capable of punching in letters in sequence as the rest of us - - - or so one would presume.

Kizz said...

You're getting spammed by Howard Wolowicz from The Big Bang Theory!

Headless Mom said...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is really a strange comment.
I like the comment from Kizz and of course I agree with Keetha on the word verifications!

kyooty said...

I'm currently having one person that only leaves a "link" as her profile.