Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Thoughts from a Windy Wednesday

  • Wind? Yes, I'm mainlining Advil again, since a sinusectomy isn't an option.
  • Related: if my head is hurting I can safely assume the kids' are too. Remedy that with Advil too and avoid headache related meltdowns. Win-win!
  • Why would a man who drives a dooley put a sticker of a flower and a hummingbird on the back?
  • There is no reason, save bad weather or children on the street, to drive well.under.the.speed.limit. Ever.
  • I wish that the other drivers on the road with me would have boxed in the guy who weaved in and out of traffic, going 90 miles an hour, just because he wasn't satisfied with 75. He almost caused 3 accidents.
  • I hate lunchtime. I hate sandwiches. Yet, I still have to feed myself around noon every day. You'd think I'd learn by now to keep something in the house.
  • I have eaten my nails to an almost-bloody pulp. Thank you, stress.
  • The unbloggable has been solved. I hope that means all of my words are back.
  • For any locals that are reading, I have a giveaway going on over at Inland Empire Family.
  • Again, for locals: Are you going to Monster Jam this weekend? Let's have a tweet-up!
  • I also wrote about being a coach.
  • I want to suck on this kid's cheeks and make him laugh. I bet he's got the best baby laugh!
Headless Mom


Rocks In The Wash said...

You found your words! I'm so glad that they are back.

As for the insane driver... M always asks that I "not" share my finger with them; he tells me its not lady like. I laugh... ;D

Erica M said...

Ehren does indeed have the best baby laugh. You should meet him one day to hear it. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Like what you wrote about being a coach. Sorry about the sinus issues. It has been way to windy for my liking. I can't stand those people who fly on the freeway. If they want to die they should go on an empty road! I'm having a sandwich for dinner, I guess you don't want to come over do you?