Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl: Steelers vs. Green Bay

Over on my Facebook Fan Page, (community page? blog page? what are those crazy kids calling it these days?) I asked for questions for me to answer/write about over here. The lovely Mary of Kyooty Center was the only one who responded, so Instant Gratification for her!

Mary asked:

Who are you pulling for in the Super Bowl?

Yikes. I was wondering when someone would ask. As you all know, I'm a football freak. Now that it's not on tv and talked about for 20 hours a day I'm going through some serious withdraw. Sundays are a vast wasteland of wandering from room to room muttering "Tebow. Orton. Romo. Ochocinco." And on and on.

I have a deeply psychotic way of choosing who I cheer for in a game that I do not have a favorite team in. Let's examine the facts for this game:
  • I like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews. They're good guys and Clay is a play-maker. That's exciting to watch whether you like the Packers or not. Charles Woodson is no slouch either.
  • GB beat the snot out of the Bears and Jay Cutler 2 weeks ago. Any team who can take Jay off the field is good by me. Pussy.
  • Ben Rothlisberger is a douche, but Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward more than make up for his douchbaggery.
  • The Steelers also have a player from my alma mater, Aaron Smith.
  • Unfortunately, I can't even judge this one on something as shallow meaningful as favorite colors. Green and black are both on my favorite color palate.
  • Green Bay fans wear cheese on their heads. Awesome.
  • Steelers fans wave towels. Equally as awesome.
  • If either team were in the game, playing other teams, I would more than likely be pulling for one of these teams.
So, Mary, in answer to your question, I have no freaking idea. I guess I'll be pulling for the team who plays better/has the better lead-in story/cries the most at the National Anthem. Or the team who wins. Yeah, that's it. I'll just root for the team that wins.
Headless Mom


kyooty said...

I think I've decided to go for the team that looks like a bunch of BEES on the field swarming the other teams. Which one was tht again? oh yes Pittsburgh... It's hard to follow it's not hockey but I've got some lessons from Keetha in my head... it might help.
Now why are the goals up in the air and not on the ice??

Stimey said...

I had a girlfriend once who decided who to cheer for based on which team had prettier cheerleaders.

I know.

My husband is from Wisconsin and was a Packers fan from way back, even before he was a Raiders fan, so we're cheering for them this year. Go Pack!

Keetha Broyles said...

I'll be pulling for the Packers - - - lucky thing since I now live in the HEART of Wisconsin and will be watching the game with my new Wisconsin friends!

Besides - - - I really don't like the Steelers. I think Big Ben R is trying to turn his life around - - - I think that's a good story - - - I'm glad I believe in second chances, I've needed a few myself!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Don't know any of those names you mentioned. I think I am completely the opposite of you when it comes to football. Bring me the commercials at Super Bowl. I did happen to see Jay and he was a pussy during that game. They should stick with the guy who filled in for him, he wasn't too bad. Anyway I will be cheering for Green Bay, they are as close as I can get to the Bears. I've spent a lot of time in Wisconsin in my 59 years. That's my reasoning.

AmazingGreis said...

I'm root, root, rooting for the Packers!!