Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life

I've never done one of these, so I'm going to give it a shot. Play along if you're so inclined. The Mrs. is doing it right now. Check her out while you're at it!

5:50 Smack alarm clock
6:00 Smack alarm clock
6:10 Smack alarm clock
6:20 Jump out of bed thinking it's 6:30, start waking kids up.
6:30 Pour coffee, start breakfast for HB#2.
6:35 Sit down at the computer to check e-mail and start writing this post. Check Facebook and Google Reader.
6:40 Realize it's a friend's birthday. Make a note to get something for her. Call to HB#1 to see if he's dressed yet and ready for breakfast.
6:47 Untie #1's shoes for him.
6:48 Mediate the first fight of the day.
6:50 Hustle #2 upstairs to get dressed.
6:56 He finally goes.
6:57 HB#1 Begins eating. I finish reading a blog post that I have been working on since 6:47.
7:00 Finish reading ONE blog post, comment. Get 2nd cup of coffee and head upstairs to make sure #2 is getting dressed.
7:04 OK, NOW I'm going upstairs.
7:25 Make lunch for one who won't be buying lunch. Sign weekly update sheet for #1, who forgot to pull it out on Friday.
7:33 One carpoolee arrives. I'm brushing #2's hair.
7:36 Head out to car, load the charges.
7:40 Pick up 4th child.
7:49 Return home, heat up 2nd cup of coffee. *sigh of relief* I can relax for a few minutes, check email, Facebook and blogs.
9:14 Publish a post and realize "Oh crap! It's already 9:15!"
9:15 Start ridding my bladder of my morning coffee.
9:53 OK, I really need to get something done. Closing computer now to make shopping list, shower, and go to the grocery.
10:21 Decide to eat before shower. Read blogs as I eat.
11:49 List made, off to the store.
11:49-1:27 Grocery shopped, dropped off flowers to a friend for her birthday, put away groceries, started dinner in crockpot. Now off to have lunch and watch the end of Days of Our Lives. What?
2:00-2:45 Finishing touches on dinner. Contemplate starting a load of laundry and/or do the sink full of dishes. Not sure yet.
2:45 Kids get home from school. Do homework, have snack (kids, not me.) Mediate 2nd fight of the day. Get boys ready for baseball practice. I'll exercise while they are practicing.
3:50 Leave for practice.
5:50 Return from practice. Finish dinner.
7:00 Done with dinner and dishes. Sit down to check Facebook and check and reply to a TON of emails.
8:50 Get the kids in bed. Learn that #2 doesn't feel well. (Pleasenopukefest, Pleasenopukefest.)
9:10 Back on the couch with the laptop.
10:09 I'm shuttin' it down. Good night!

(OK, y'all, this was an a-typical day. It looks like I was on the computer all day. I kinda was, but I was catching up after the weekend and will probably not be on like that again all week. I'm totally not a psycho. I did however comment on over ten blogs today just like I said I would. So there.)

Headless Mom


Ann W said...

Whew! Thanks for the flowers by the way, friend! You ROCK!!

Keetha Broyles said...

I know this part wasn't particularly funny for YOU, but I cracked up at the (pleasenopukefest, pleasenopukefest) ONCE I made my eyes actually figure it out!

Michelle said...

Fingers crossed there WAS no pukefest. I just flatout don't do those. And yes, it's amazing where the time goes, liiiiike how is it already 1:49? Crap I have laundry to put away!

Anonymous said...


HolyMama! said...

my day MIGHT sound like that if i detailed it.... so i'm not gonna! that sounds exhausting! and yet you seems so cheerful!

what's with that anonymous 'hello?'

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's amazing when you put it down on paper like that. I need a nap just reading it!

The Mrs said...


I have those days when I look back and realized I spent the whole day on the computer.


I'm so glad you did it, though.

Do it again!

Oh, boy. I'm really bossy today.