Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motown-Top 11

Motown needs no introduction. As Ryan would say, Let's get right to it!

Casey-Heard It Through The Grapevine- Casey-Style, raspy-cool, different, definitely his own. An early favorite, and still in my top 4. Nice way to start the show!

Thia- Heatwave- Good tone, nice to see her with more energy, but it still wasn't exciting. I'm actually surprised that she isn't doing better. Her voice is pitch-perfect, but each performance could have been so much better.

Jacob-You're All I Need to Get By- I really loved his control tonight. Nicely done.

(Jennifer. What have you done with your look tonight? Is it for the season that you look like an Easter Egg? The blue eyes and the pink dress? Not a fan.)

Lauren- You Keep Me Hanging On- I had to take a phone call during this song (which made me laugh, by the way. How often can you say that?) but the Headless Family, HG and HD, gave it a big thumbs up, so I'll take it.

Stefano- Hello- Hello? Blech. He is so awkward with his hand gestures and stage movements. Ryan, he is no David Cook, let's just get that out of the way. I don't really like his there something that I'm missing here? The judges continue to like him and I just don't get it.

Haley-You Really Got a Hold On Me- Her voice is much more suited to this blusey/soul/Motown sound. She still isn't one of my favorites but did enough to stay.

Scotty- For Once In My Life- Knocked it out of the park! This song could go on an album and be released as a single RIGHT NOW. Seriously, one of my favorites of the night.

Pia- All In Love Is Fair- (Another ballad? I think that she needs to break out of that.) Pia killed, as usual. Beautiful. I agree with Jennifer, though, that she needs to move more and maybe try something with a little more energy. (Thanks Randy, but I said it first. Hmph.)

Paul- Tracks of My Tears- I'm not a fan of Paul, and I didn't like this at all. Yes, he is unique, but I don't get it and I don't think that this song suited him.

Naima- Dancing in the Streets- Oh yeah! This is perfectly suited to her. She finally nailed the song and the dancing. If she can keep this up then I may add her to my top 4.

James- Livin' for the City- I'm not a fan of this song but he did really well. He controlled the scream when he needed to and belted it when he needed to.

Best of the night: Casey, Jacob, Lauren, Scotty, Pia, Naima, James.

Did enough to stay: Haley,

Bottom three: Thia, Stefano, Paul.

Who will go: Thia or Stefano.

Who do you think will go home?

Headless Mom

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm not sure. I thought it was a pretty good night, I loved the songs! I think you might be right on Thia or Stefano. I'm still in love with Scotty and I think when they tour in LA we should go :)