Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 11, Take 2

Elton John Night: For those of you that are new around here, I feel like I have to say that Elton is one of my all time favorite artists. I knew the words to his songs when I was a young child and am very critical of anyone messing with these songs. Let's see how they do, shall we?

Scotty-Country Comfort- I know that I must have heard this song before...I used to pour over every EJ album in my dad's collection...but I can't recall it at all. Maybe Scotty is just singing it differently. Whatever, it's really good. Perfectly suited for his country voice and grandma in the audience! So darn cute!

Naima- I'm Still Standing- I totally think that this worked perfectly, and I think that Sir Elton is digging it. I completely disagree with Jennifer and Randy....I didn't think it was corny at all. She looked great and the reggae feel was perfect for the song and for her.

Paul- Rocket Man- Ick. HB #2 even said "He annoys me." Heh. I just don't get Paul At.All. I thought the song was terrible. Could someone please explain him to me because I've tried and I just don't get it. Bottom of the night for sure.

Pia- Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me- While she could have done something else, I think that this was the perfect song for her. Chills. 'Nuff said. But she'd better step it up next week. (so there)

Stefano- Tiny Dancer-I have tried to like him. I even closed my eyes for part of this, but no. His phrasing is off of the beat and and it ruins the song. If there is something I'm missing, let me know, but I think he's in the bottom this week.

Lauren- Candle In The Wind-I love that Lauren doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. Do you think that she's the joker of the group? This performance was UNBELIEVABLE. Unmatched. The Best of the Night. (See? Even Jen thinks so!)

James- Saturday Nights' Alright for Fighting- James did a great job, unfortunately he had to follow Lauren's perfect performance so I'm probably rating him a little lower than he deserves. Yes, I think he did a great job and did more than enough to stay.

Thia-Daniel- Not so great. Yes, she sounded nice, but she just doesn't have any excitement factor at all. I think that she is at risk tonight.

Casey- Your Song- Beautiful. Yes, I'm a Casey fan, and this may have been his best performance to date. And the falsetto (or whatever that note was) ending was brilliant. Nicely done. (Sidenote: wth about last week and Casey? Yes, this is the week that we all learned our lesson. Vote!)

Jacob-Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word- He sounds like he's got a mouth full of marbles but his end note was pretty great. I do feel, however, that he is over-emotional.

Haley- (My word, is she still here?) Bennie and the Jets- This doesn't suit her like Motown did last week. I still think she's awkward in her movements and she should have slurred some of the words more-she was a little too perfect in her enunciation and I don't think it worked. Obviously I disagree with the judges.


Best of the night: Lauren, hands down.

Safe: Scotty, Naima, Pia, James, Casey.

Not great, but still probably safe: Jacob, Haley

Bottom three: Paul, Stefano, Thia.


What say you, Headless friends?
Headless Mom

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree with your picks. I voted last night, several times on line and then on the phone. I do wish that Jacob could calm himself down.
I love Scotty, James and Casey a lot!