Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol Top 8-Movie Songs

I'm getting right into this know the drill.

Paul-Old Time Rock and Roll-Yuck. I honestly don't know what anyone sees in this guy, and the rose suit has GOT to go. Thanks, Paul, for butchering one of my favorite songs.

Lauren-The Climb- She gives me chills e.v.e.r.y.d.a.r.n.t.i.m.e. I am surprised that she didn't bring the power notes, but it still worked. Snark alert: Lauren's mama needs a new hair dresser.

Stefano-End of the Road- While I still can't stand to watch him Over Do It All, he did sound better tonight than he has. Dude, get rid of the high tops. They're so 1984.

(Has any other judge had to be bleeped before? Jennifer. Niiiiice.)

Scotty-I Cross My Heart- This is one of the greatest country love songs of the 90's and unfortunately I don't think that he did it justice. He really shouldn't have changed songs. {Aimee, you were totally right about him. Totally cocky.} This was not great and I think that he is at risk this week.

Casey-Nature Boy- I WAS COMPLETELY MESMERIZED. Honest to Pete, when you do something this good, it's the right choice to change songs. Sorry Jimmy, but Casey had it right this time. Dude is single-handedly making the stand-up bass sexy again. Best of the night by a mile.

Haley-Call Me- She's just so awkward, bless her heart. I don't think that this was the right song for her and I don't think it sounded any better than just "a'ight".

Jacob-Bridge Over Troubled Water- He sounded nice, and very controlled, but I'm done. He sounds the same every week and while I know that he will sell records, they just won't be to me.

James-Heavy Metal- How many flashbacks did you have during that song? I had several, thanks. James definitely made the right choice in going with this song. He knows who he is and what he can get away with.

Top 3-Lauren, Casey, and James.

Bottom- All the rest. I really don't think that anyone else did anything that will for sure keep them safe.

So, do you agree?
Headless Mom


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree with your top three however I still like Scotty.

Cap'n Sam said...

Finally got red of Paul---

Headless Mom said...

Thank goodness, right? :-)