Monday, April 25, 2011

Answers, Part 2: Colorado

Back to finishing what I started.... (Slow, yes, but I still get it done. Quite indicative of my life, actually. Ahem.)

Nadine asked: "When are you going to visit Colorado again?"

Oh Nadine. What a can of worms.

Obviously you've figured out that I'm from Colorado. I suppose that it's pretty obvious that I love it there. Truthfully I'd love to be there right now. Spring snow is my favorite!

I try to get back to Colorado once a year, twice if I can swing it. This year is also my 25th class reunion so my trip will coincide with that, (Duh, I'm one of the organizers. Don't ask.) I prefer to go in the summer. It's easier to travel in the summer, whether we're driving or flying, and my nieces are also out of school so the boys have someone to play with. We have lots of friends there so there really is no downtime. We stay with my parents, which is always lovely and relaxing. I usually have the boys there for 10 days to 2 weeks, and HD comes out for around 7 days or so depending on his schedule.

If you can believe this, after learning to ski when I was about 6, and going all of the time when I was in junior high school, my boys have never been skiing. I would love to take them to Colorado to learn, and it is certainly on the "list" but so far it hasn't happened. OK, they want to snowboard. Semantics. Maybe this year?

So Nadine, there you go! Thanks for your comment. I'd love to link to your blog if you have one. Make sure to email me or leave a comment with your blog address if you'd like me to add the link.

If anyone has another question leave it on the other post or here is fine too!
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