Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 9-Rock and Roll Week

I'm following the developing Dodger's story over at Draft Day Suit. Make sure you head on over and check it out.

Now. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week can either be great or terrible. With this group of kids I'm guessing that we are in for quite a show.

Jacob-Man in the Mirror- Jacob is predictable. While he technically sounded good I don't think that we're learning any thing about him from week to week: he does the same type of songs and controls them in the same kinds of ways. I suppose that it works for him but I feel like I can go do the dishes instead of watch and I won't miss anything. I loved that he got to sing that song with the songwriter. What an awesome experience!

Haley-Take Another Little Piece of My Heart- I thought this was awful from the very first note. I also think that she was way too smiley for a song like this. She needed to look a little more bad a@@, a little more angry. Still not a fan.

Casey-Have You Ever Seen The Rain- YES! I love the playful spin that he put on this song....and it was mostly with his eyes. Definitely had the perfect Casey-Spin, without going too far. And yes, the stand-up bass is rockin'.

Lauren-Natural Woman- She gave me the first chills of the night. She sang this really well, but it was not one of her stand-out performances. Sidenote: Gwen Stefani styled the women tonight? OK, it looks FANTASTIC on Gwen but poor Lauren looked like she was on her way to a costume party. Awkward.

James-While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Chills, Take 2. James really nailed it by going slower when everyone else went fast and upbeat.

Scotty-That's All Right, Mama- He is so darn cute! This showed so much more personality than we have seen before out of Scotty. Nicely done.

Pia-River Deep, Mountain High- I know that we've all been busting her chops about singing something more upbeat but I thought it came out very cruise ship-y, and thus boring. Disappointing.

Stefano-When A Man Loves A Woman- Could someone please tell me what the judges see in this kid? I found this painful, actually. Not that his singing is awful, but it's the entire performance that I can't get into. He is OVER-emoting, OVER dramatic, OVER done.

Paul-Folsom Prison Blues- I like this better than his usual squeaky voice. The more rockin' he gets the better he sounds, apparently.


This is really an amazing group of kids and beyond my bottom-of-the-group pics, we are finding it really hard to choose who to vote for. But. I'm voting anyway because they didn't save Casey to have him go home 2 weeks later.

Best of the Night: Casey, Lauren, James.

Safe: Scotty, Pia

Should be in the bottom 3: Jacob, Haley, Stefano, Paul (Yes, I know that's 4. They deserve it. If I had to guess who will not be in the bottom 3 of these 4 it would be Paul since he closed the show on a rockin' note.)

Who was your favorite tonight?
Headless Mom

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are awesome. I think I am getting tired of Jacob, don't care for Haley or Stefano either. I'm not crazy about Paul but he was good last night. I still enjoy Scotty a lot. I love Casey and Lauren but I think James is becoming my favorite.