Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol-Top 3

So this is it. Scotty, Lauren, and Haley. I'm highly disappointed that James didn't make the top 3, especially over Haley, but he will certainly have a great career. I just hope he has a great mentor to guide him. He seems so young; I'd hate to see him get eaten alive by the business before he has a chance to really make a name for himself.

OK, so they get to pick their own song from their own idol for round 1. Let's go!

Scotty: Amazed by LoneStar. He did a fantastic job and like Beyonce said, he really showed off his range well. Who knew that he could go that high? Such a cute kid.

Lauren:  She's a Wild One by Faith Hill. She seems a little winded...going too fast for the music, maybe? Or is it her nerves? Honestly, she's not breathing at all! She sounded good but couldn't keep up, it seems.

Haley: What is and What Should Never Be by Led Zeppelin. Wow. Strange song choice, but let's see how it goes. Eew. I'm not a Zepplin fan so I didn't like it at all but Headless Dad is a fan and he liked it. I guess that one is a toss up! So cool that her Daddy got to play with her tonight, though.

Round 1 to Scotty!

Round 2: Songs chosen by Jimmy. I'm kinda excited for this. Jimmy knows music and has worked with them enough to know what they'll sing well.

Scotty: Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?  Huh. I don't actually think it's a great choice for Scotty. Sure, it fits, but it just didn't fire me up. Not seeing the same thing that the judges are, I guess.

Lauren: If I Die Young  So so so much better this round. She is so much more relaxed and happy. First chills of the night. Finally! Lauren is my hands-down favorite of the final three. HB#1 says that Lauren should win.  Sidenote: Her audition is my all-time favorite of any year of Idol, ever. Wasn't that the best when she told Steven to sing with her?

Haley: Rhiannon I actually got chills from Haley for the first time this season. She departed from the original version and that was good because she made it her own. HD said "very sexy".

Round 2 to Haley!

Round 3: Judges choice

Scotty: She Believes In Me  He finally caught me when he got to the chorus. He's going to be a Nashville star, no doubt. Very nice, Scotty, and the judges agree with me.

Lauren: I Hope You Dance  She did very nice. Good song choice for her. I'm concerned about her outfit choices. The dress looks a little too Disney Princess to me. Thoughts?

Haley: You Oughta Know  Yes! Alannis! Um, not quite for Haley. It isn't working for me so far but she is kicking it up in the chorus. I didn't really like it and the arm flailing has got to go. Seriously. Stop.

Round 3 to Lauren!

My Top 2: Lauren and Scotty. I have to stick with my feelings from all season on this. I like Haley ok, I see her talent, but she's just not my style. I'm sure she will have a career in music, but Lauren and Scotty have wider appeal.

Phew. It's been a long night? What did you think?
Headless Mom

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those are my feelings too. I spent forever voting for Scotty on line. I did some for Lauren too. I just don't want to see Haley in the top two but she has a big city behind her. Even my favorite pizza place from Chicago was offering discounts if you voted for her! I want to see Scotty in the top two. Yes, I agree with Lauren's dress, very princess like.