Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Idol-Top 4

I can't believe we're already at the top 4. It seems like just yesterday that we were at the beginning of hte voting. Sorry about my absence last week. I told you it was a doozy, and that included Wednesday night.

Round 1: Songs that Inspire

James: Don't Stop Believin'- Oh my gosh. This song defined junior high for me. I used to listen to my Journey tape on my Oh-So-Cool Walkman while I was ice skating at the lake. I thought I was so cool. I think James is doing a great job with this song, one too many screeches, but all in all decent, and the judges agree.
Haley: (Title. Why do I always miss these? It was that Michael Jackson song.) I'm no Haley fan and this performance is NOT helping. At all. She had some really awful notes in there, and she moves like I don't know what. Weird, and apparently the judges agree with me. Except for Steven who likes everything.
Scotty: Where Were You- Unbelievable. This was the absolute perfect song choice and he sang the snot out of it. My first chills of the night.
Lauren: Anyway- I love Lauren but I think I was hoping that she would be farther along with her confidence than she is. She did a lovely job but could have nailed it even more if she had belted it even more. (And the dress? Not a fan.)

Round 2: Leiber and Stoller hits, Lady Gaga as a coach (Really? Let's see how this goes.)

Haley: I Who Have Nothing- Haley nailed this one vocally. Holy cow, she nailed this one, and good. (I still think that she has some awkward movements.)
Scotty:Young Blood- Oh my. The clips of Scotty and Gaga had us rolling! While the first song I can totally see on a Scotty album, this song, while cute, had me scratching my head. At this point in the competition I don't see this being the right song for him. Although, I do see what Randy was saying. Who knows.
Lauren: Trouble- I don't like this song for Lauren, either. It just isn't her. She sang it good, and performed well, but I didn't like the song.
James: Love Potion #9- (Cracking me up to see Jimmy laughing at Gaga and James. Ha!) I love James' version of this song. I can actually see it as a single. He made it modern and fun.

A note on Lady Gaga: I don't get her, I'm not particularly fond of her music, but I think that she gave some great performance tips. Who knew? And that clip of the Poker Face video? I had forgotten that she was actually pretty before she got so weird. What the hell was she wearing? Did you see those shoes? Aye carumba, no wonder she falls and hurts herself so often!

Well. After a night like that I don't quite know what to say. There is no clear bottom 2 and not one clear winner. Personally, I would send Haley home based on my feelings for her over the course of the season. I see Scotty rocketing to the top of the Nashville scene regardless of if he wins. I would love to see Lauren win, and I think that it would be good for her to be under the Idol banner and protection for the first year or two of her career. She is so young and having an extra layer of protection could benefit her. (As opposed to someone like Casey who needs to be able to direct his own career.) James will likely do well, Idol or not, but I also think that he could use the guidance of some of the Idol experts. So ultimately, my top 2 remains Lauren and James.

Tell me, oh internets, what do you think?
Headless Mom


Busy Mom said...

Lady Gaga is one of those that I don't want to like, but I do.

I think she's talented in a way you just don't see much anymore.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I just can't get my mind around Lady Gaga. It was hard for me to look at her. I haven't been a fan of Haley and would like to see her go. Lauren is very good but I think she is so young. I love James and Scotty, both will do well regardless. Didn't care for Scotty's second song either.