Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jumping on the Random Bandwagon!

I have to write something to push those awful, angsty posts down some. To update, No, we're not headed for divorce court. We, like many other couples, have our cycles, and you have just witnessed one of the down cycles. It doesn't happen very often. I have never written about it before, and we snap out of it quickly. Someday I may write about it more thoroughly because I think I've learned a lot and have some wisdom to share, but not today. Oh no, not today. Today is for the Random.

  • School is out one week from tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm not ready for non-stop fighting. Hold me, please.
  • Mother Nature apparently didn't get the message that it is SPRING and we live in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. The cold and rain has GOT to STOP. I'm normally the one that loves cold weather but if you've been keeping track, we had: a freezing cold June '10, a cool summer, no deadly heat wave, a rainy fall, an exceptionally rainy and cold winter, and it hasn't stopped. I JUST WANT A LITTLE SUNSHINE AND WARMTH. please?
  • I really hate May. The end of school parties, end of baseball parties, end of scouts parties, park days, party days, assemblies, all of it. And everything requires $5 for this and $10 for that, or send snacks or drinks or, or, or, OR. All while I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of solitude. *sigh*
  • I need to download a bunch of pictures. 
  • I'm torn about James being voted off American Idol. I would have preferred Haley to go, but she's been improving for the last few weeks so I'm not surprised. I still stand by my post, and think that Lauren should win so she will have the extra layer of protection that being the Idol winner will give her for the first year or 2 of her career.
  • Why would an amusement park close at 6pm on a Friday night? Honestly. Friday is going to be a beautiful day and I wanted to take the kids to Knott's and they close at 6. I'm SO not driving all that way, paying for parking, and only getting to spend 2 hours and drive home in rush hour traffic. Nope, not gonna do it.
  • My parents are headed to New Orleans for a family wedding. Just in time for the flooding! Yay! Join me in being worried, won't you?
  • Speaking of my parents, my brother wrote a spectacular piece about my mom. Go check it out!
Your turn! Tell me something random from your life right now...
Headless Mom


Busy Mom said...

I'm not a fan of May, either.

I hope all is well in N.O.!

Anna See said...

if i have to pay for one more t-shirt (baseball,school play, school concert, etc!) I will scream. May is crazy.

I totally get the marriage cycle thing. Married for 15 yrs, together for 20... we have lots of ups and downs.

Erica M said...

I love random!!

I actually like when my kids are home for the summer. Free babysitting all day. I'm tired of being a 2y/o's 24/7 playdate.

Marriage cycles: yes, I haz them.

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh the marriage cycles - yes I am familiar. And we must be on the same cycle right now, nuf said?

Kids' last day is Friday - I too dread constant fighting.

Been way rainy here too....and the wind! I know NE sucks and WY blows, but this has been a crazy wind season in CO! ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Seems really early for school to be out. Use to always be the middle of June of course now they make them start in August! That sure went by quickly. Knott's must be having a special party set up.
I will keep your parents in my prayers and your brothers post was very nice.