Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last week while starting the Pick Your Post week series, I sure did think that this would be a continuing saga. Hmmmm... not so much. Option 1: Headless Boy #2's possibly broken foot.

Doesn't it always happen? When Mama leaves town something BIG happens? Well, that's how it was last weekend when I was in Las Vegas.

I had done all of the 'planning' for the events that were on the calendar: birthday party-gift bought, dinner party with friends-drink cooler prepared, baseball game-uniforms clean and ready. The rest of the time Headless Dad was on his own to figure out food and entertainment for the crew, which meant that they went over to BIL & SIL's house! They have a new pool and the kids were looking forward to testing it out, BIL was cooking, and HG and her boy friend were going to be there, too. Sounds fun, no?

While swimming, my #2 somehow kicked the edge of the pool and hurt his foot. It apparently hurt really bad that night but everyone thought that he would feel better in the morning. It didn't. As I was leaving Las Vegas HD called me to say that his foot was, in fact, not better, and that he was going to take him to Urgent Care. I actually got home before they did.

Urgent care diagnosis: Possible bone chip, follow up with your Primary on Monday for a referral to a specialist.


So Monday I followed up and the office said that they would talk to the doctor and call me back. Then I had to call them back. And they said it was fine. Huh???

HD, who was in with the Urgent Care doctor wouldn't take that answer without follow up, so on Tuesday we went in to see the primary. She explained the different readings of xrays to my husband, examined #2, and sent us on our way with instructions to slowly get back to normal activity. Including football conditioning twice a week.

So see? Totally anticlimactic.
Headless Mom


Issas Crazy World said...

Mine always get sick when I leave town. I think that may be better than broken.

I hope he's doing better soon.

HolyMama! said...

that is one of the strangest injuries ever... a possible - and controversial - bone chip in a foot from kicking a swimming pool!?

i bet it really did hurt, though. poor kid.

JB said...

I took one of my boys to Urgent Care and they said it looked like he had chipped his elbow. Gave me a disc of the xrays and said follow up with Ortho on Monday. Ortho said the xrays were horrible quality and did some of their own and then said there was nothing wrong with his elbow other than a bruise!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope he is back to doing normal activities now.