Saturday, November 19, 2011

Progress #3

Here's the living room, complete save the pile of crap right there in front. Already being moved as we speak. Looks pretty good, eh? Also, I got a couple of stains out of the carpet. I don't know if you'd be able to tell from previous pictures. I'm motivated because I'm planning on putting up the Christmas tree ASAP. Maybe tomorrow if I can finish up.

Also completed:
  • bills paid
  • current laundry done
  • boys thank you notes and chores
  • some of the paper has been dealt with
  • shelves on the bookshelf reorganized
I've just been informed that we're going out to dinner tonight. Just HD and I. Hmmm. Wonder if he remembers that our anniversary is in 3 days? (Don't tell him, HG. Seriously.)(He never remembers on his own.)(I'm not kidding HG. Don't tell him.)

So I guess I'm off to see what I can wear that I won't freeze my butt off. California decided to embrace winter with a vengeance this month. See ya tomorrow!

Headless Mom


Jamie said...

I am SO proud of you!! Doesn't it feel great!!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Nicely done, my friend. Where's the tree going? With a great room like this, it would look great, anywhere, really.

Diana said...

We definitely need to see pictures after you get your Christmas decor all put up. I was tempted to drag ours out yesterday, but am making myself wait until next weekend.

Stimey said...

Nicely done! Congrats!

kyooty said...

Very well done, the livingroom looks fabulous. I love the colour of that carpet.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It looks wonderful and does that quilt have lightbulbs on it? Hope your dinner was fun and delicious.

Just Margaret said...

Awesome! It looks great--nice job Kendra! :D