Monday, January 9, 2012

For 2012

After reading about everyone's resolutions, words, and goals for 2012 I decided it's about time to fill you in on mine.

I'm not so much for making resolutions; mostly because I forget that I made them by January 21st and then feel like a heel for about a day and a half until I forget about them again. Then around December 28th I go back and read the blog and, Whoops!

There are fun, smart women around the internet that do this way better than I, but there are a few things that I'd like to do better this year.

  • SLEEP- Yeah, I know, but hear me out. I am a night owl. If it wasn't for children that need to rise at about 6:30 every day, I would be up until about 12 or 1 and sleep until 9 or 10. Oh yeah, and a husband who's schedule is from about 4 am until about 8 pm. So. I am going to try to alter my sleep schedule. I've found that I really do need a solid 9 hours per night to feel really good so to get 9 hours I need to regularly go to bed by 10. I know that 9 hours sounds like a lot but if that is more 'the norm' then I can do the occasional night of less and it won't affect me much. The stumbling blocks to this plan? The west coast prime time tv schedule. Luckily, there are only 2 nights a week that I watch shows that come on at 10 pm local time. Another stumbling block? The internet. 'Nuf said. So if you happen to see me on later than that you have my permission to kick me off. Or something. You get my drift.
  • Many of your resolutions have revolved around writing: more often, better, novels!, and the like. I think I'll just try to join Eden and blog like it's 2002. I haven't actually been around blogging since then, but I think it means that I'm going to share my life with you, the funny family stories, my likes and dislikes, and not worry about branding or any of that other nonsense that makes blogging cloudy. (Which I don't think I do too often but it does happen elsewhere and I'm not about to point anything out without looking for the plank in my own eye first.) I may not be the best writer out there but I do know that I've made fabulous friends doing this and I'd like to keep it that way, which I think means that I have to write a little more than 3 times a month. That's ok, I like it. Join me, won't you?
  • Save Money. This is an important one that I don't really want to admit. We have a few things around here that we need to pay for that are WAY out of the scope of the normal budgeting. Tuition, roof, you know, kinda BIG stuff. It's all within reach but that means tightening the belt, making menu plans, putting off unnecessary expenses, etc. (Yeah, you probably know what's coming.) That includes not going to Blissdom or BlogHer this year. BlogHer has been out since they announced that NYC was the venue again. The plane ticket is just too far out of reach. I was hoping to sneak off to Blissdom this year instead but if we (as in HD and I,) really want to stay on top of this other stuff then I have to do this. I've made it work in years past but I want to work out the other things without guilt, thus, no conferences. (Now, if I win the lottery or get a sponsor that could change but either one has about the same probability, right?)(I suppose that if I got a sponsor that it would also mean tweaking my second bullet, too, but we'll cross that bridge if we ever get there.)
  • Paint my bedroom. Honest to Pete, we've been in this house for 9, almost 10 years and my bedroom is STILL not done. Come hell or high water, I'm painting that room THIS YEAR.
Four things. Not too big, not too daunting, and completely NOT out of reach. What have you decided to do this year?

Headless Mom


Anna See said...

no resolutions here, but i liked reading yours! xo

Heather said...

LOL on the bedroom - we've been in our house for 8 years and yeah, still some stuff that needs done (uhm, like dusting certain HVAC registers.... gross I know)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You go girl, I know you can do them! I haven't set anything in stone but have a few goals.

karen said...

I'll try to help u keep on track, if you help keep me on mine,,,,,,and I can def help u with the last one Lets just paint that room lol

Melisa Wells said...

SO bummed I won't see you in NYC this year, but I get it. When your family gets on top of the finances, the sense of relief and accomplishment trumps a fun weekend ANY TIME. :)

Carmen said...

Come help me paint my bedroom - we've been here almost 10 years - and I'll help you with yours.