Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Things

I'm totally stealing this idea from Diana. My muse for today!

1) I love when my kids, all 3 of them, are laughing, playing and generally getting along well. It usually goes well when the sister is around but it's nice to hear it anyway. Soon she'll be gone, presently just for the semester but the larger GONE looms large, and I'm trying to notice the good times rather than always hearing the bickering.

2) Winter finally arrived in Southern California today. It was mostly cloudy, quite cool, and even sprinkled at my house this evening. Granted, I'm totally jealous of all of you that got snow this week but I'll take what I can get.

3) My house is mostly clean and Christmas-free. Only the tree needs to go, but it's actually down and ready to go into it's bag and spot in the garage. Once it is, and I finish cleaning the living room I'll take a picture of the finished product. It's been a very, very long time since I had a normal living room that wasn't a storage area for lots of crap.

4) Speaking of my living room, I can't wait to read. I have great wing chairs in there that are perfect for curling up with a good book, or Kindle!, and I'm part of a book club. We're starting a new book this week so my reward for finishing the room is getting to read. Yay! Interesting enough, the selection this month isn't what I'd normally read but I'm still excited.

5) I've been having the strangest dreams lately. Many of them are starring bloggers. And they are lasting all night. I wake up scratching my head, but happy at the fact that I've spent all night with some of the best people on the internet.

6) Did I mention that my house is clean? I'm loving it!

7) The Broncos. (You didn't think I could just let it go, did you?) The loss on Saturday was painful, I'll admit. I do want to say, however, that no one in America thought that the Broncos have a .500 season, much less go to the playoffs or win their first playoff game. I think that we have a lot to look forward to next season, and am very proud to be a fan. And, yes, I'm a Believer.

Ok, Diana only did 5, so I guess at 7 I'm done. Have a good week everyone!
Headless Mom


Heather E said...

i love to make lists like this for blogging. it always puts everything in life in perspective. curling up in a chair with a good book (or kindle!) sounds like heaven! you should most definitely do that girlie!

karen said...

ok I am jealous u have a clean house. what is it about being in a warm clean and clean house when it is cold and raining outside. today was my clean from the ground up day and i got talked into geocaching with keaton.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I've picked up reading again and I am LOVING it. I've read 4 books since Christmas and it helps me calm my mind and get to sleep which is a real good thing, too. What did your book club choose?

Karen said...

This was a fun post to read!

Michelle said...

So what's the book you're reading? I love that your reward for cleaning was reading. I use reading as my reward lots. In fact... I'm about to head to bed now that I've gotten 50 kajillion things done today, and that's MY reward :)