Tuesday, February 28, 2012

American Idol-Guys Top 12

Welcome to American Idol 2010! If you're new around here, I write about Idol each week during the spring. That is, unless I'm otherwise preoccupied by baseball. Ahem. If you watch please chime in with your opinions!


I remembered, again, that I don't like judging the early rounds. There's so many of them and it's really hard to tell when they are on the stage in front of live cameras for the first time. Don't despair, I'm still writing about it!

So far I think the guys are talented but many of the performances were not top notch tonight. I'm chalking it up to jitters and nervousness. Typical of the first live round.

Best of the Night: Phillip. I wasn't the #1 fan of his version of "In the Air Tonight" but it showed of his talent of taking a song and making it his own, not to mention his crazy good voice. He's clearly the odds-on favorite heading into the season.

Should stay: Reed, Diandre*, Colton, Creighton (my second favorite of the night,) and Eben. (I added him in because I think he's really talented and I'm not sure that he was used to the monitor in his ear. Hopefully he'll get used to it by next week!)

Not to say that the others were bad-I don't think that at all! The others just didn't stand out to me like these 6 did. I'm actually pretty amazed at how good they all were. Usually there are one or two that I'm already wishing would go, so we've got improvement already over last season!

*I had to include Diandre here because he reminds me so much of my sweet Jason. You know, my love from a few seasons ago? Let me refresh your memory.....

 (Yes, I totally get that I'm old enough to be their mother. Maybe even Diandre's grandmother if I had gotten busy very early, but still. Very cute boys, no? Although I'm sure Jason would no longer want to be called a boy. Details.)

Anyway... Who did you think was the best of the night? Who do you really NOT want to hear again? Do you still watch or have you jumped ship to another singing show? Am I in this completely alone?
Headless Mom


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I watched. I love the talent this year. I don't know everyone by name yet. I agree with your picks.
I really like Deandre and I did enjoy Aaron. I like Reed and Eben is a cutie! I didn't vote, I usually wait until later but I am anxious to see who stays.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

My girls and I are rooting for Colton this year!