Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Idol-Top 6

The songs of Queen. Well this should be interesting. Do these kids really get who they are on stage with? I'm not sure that they can fully grasp the significance of it. Queen is an amazing band, and some of their songs really define our generation. *showing my age* Ahem.

Editors' note: Due to baseball obligations I missed last week. Yes, I was shocked that Colton left but he had a bad night, which he admitted. Sad, but I'm certain that he will have a stellar career.

Jessica-Bohemian Rhapsody- She just doesn't have the experience for this song. To be honest, I didn't think that she should have been saved 2 weeks ago, and I don't think that she'll pass muster tonight. She has a great voice but I'm just not feeling it.

Skylar-The Show Must Go On- Probably not her best performance, but since it's not her genre I'll give her a pass. It sounds like the judges heard something different in the theater than how it translated on tv. Good for Skylar because I love her, I just hope that it translates into votes. It was way better than Jessica, that's for sure.

Joshua-Crazy Little Thing Called Love- I get what he was trying to do with this song, all 'retro' and all, but I don't think it worked for him. I heart Josh but I don't think that this was a great performance for him. I'll be interested to hear what the judges say. Oh my. A standing O. OK then.

**I want to be in the theater for this someday because this is really really really not translating to TV AT ALL.

Elise-I Want It All- She killed it. This one translated, for sure, but this is also her 'sweet spot.' I predict that this will be the best of the night, maybe shared with Phillip.

Phillip-Fat Bottom Girls- Totally Phillip, while staying true to the Queen vibe. Just like I said, Phillip and Elise are the only 2 that sound good on TV. At least in the first round.

Hollie-Save Me- I liked it. Not amazing, but it was good. I'm not sure that she's going to survive because, as Jennifer said, the emotions don't seem to come through all the time.

Time to reset for the second round for the evening, and choosing their own songs. Let's go!

Jessica-Dance With My Father- A tribute to her father, who is in the military. Again, she has an incredibly beautiful voice. That is not in question. I'm just having a hard time getting behind her as an artist when all she likes to sing are ballads. It's just not exciting enough. No goose bumps here.

Skylar-(I missed the name of this song. Hmph.)- Skyler is just great. I love her voice and she's a great performer. I just really enjoy her energy. You always know that you're going to want to tap your toes when she comes on. Great.

Joshua-(Missed this one too. Silly me for having to put the kids to bed.)- This was really beautiful. Truly. I still stand by my comment about Jessica and ballads, though. This is not the point in the competition for ballads. It turns viewers off and loses votes faster than a dress on prom night.

Elise-(Hendrix)- I'm not a big Hendrix fan but get his contribution. This is another one that doesn't seem to translate to TV. I want to like it- is it the song or is it her? I think it's just the song that I'm not fond of. I want her to stay, though. I agree with Steven and Randy. Not the best song choice for tonight.

Phillip-(Dave Matthews)- I don't agree with the song choice here, again. Not many people will relate to that. I didn't quite get it. It was definitely "Phillip", but not the greatest for wide appeal.

Hollie-(Miley Cyrus)- This is a great song for her. You can see her emotion much better in this one. I hope it's enough to keep her around. And that power note at the end? Definitely deserving of that standing O.

The two rounds have definitely confused me. Some were great the first, others the second. That's hard to judge for top and bottom.

Bottom: Jessica

Best: Skylar

The Rest: had up and down nights so I'm not sure what to think. I love Joshua but his performance in the first round did not translate to TV. Same with the rest of them. Randy agrees with me. I'll be just as surprised as anyone.

Unless of course it's Jessica. Then I'll say I told you so. Heh.

Who did you like tonight?

Headless Mom


Karen Rothfus said...

Lol u made me have to find a website and listen to them. I still love Phillip, although I an a HUGE jack Johnson fan and from the beginning I have thought he was so similar.....but after listening to him sing a jj song last night I actually think Phillip is better lol.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I liked Hollie tonight. Skylar is always good. I love Joshua and I like Phillip a lot. I vote online and usually vote for Joshua, Phillip and Hollie.