Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Idol-Top 7

Sorry I missed last week. Baseball, ya know? I don't even know what tonight's theme is. Can someone fill me in? Oh, songs from 2010- the present. OK.

Skylar-(Kelly Pickler song)-She is so darn cute. Have I mentioned before that Skylar shares a hometown with my girl's mom? Yep, HG goes to Brandon about twice a year. I think she said that her step-sister even knows Skylar. Anyhoo, I've really seen improvement in Skylar this year so far. Every week she improves, and she did great tonight.

Colton-(Skylar Grey song)-What a cool song. He really sounds great. HB#1 says an 11 out of 12. (In honor of the Hunger Games. What ever that means.) Of course I only know it from Eminem/Rhiana doing it, but whatever. Very nice.

Sidenote: While I'm enjoying the duets that they are doing this year, it really makes the show drag on. Like really bad. We're 40 minutes in and we've only had 2 contestants so far. Shoot me now.

Jessica-(Jasmine Sullivan)-This song is really bizarre. I've never heard it before and I'm not sure I want to again. I'm not really a fan. Jessica needs to pick up the beat to continue in this competition. I said it a few weeks ago and still stand by it: the ballads will kill her. She has a great voice but she is boring. I'm not agreeing with the judges at all.

Joshua-(Bruno Mars)-Joshua is breaking out this week with something a little more up beat. Good for him because I was beginning to worry about him and the ballad thing, just like Jessica. I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of this song, itself, though. HD liked it a lot, and so did the judges apparently. I think he did good but not amazing.

Hollie-(Pink)-She needs to be putting so much more passion into this song, so much more 'Oomph.' Hollie looks great tonight but she didn't bring it with the song. I'm worried about Hollie this week.

Phillip-(Maroon 5)-This is one slick dude. I love him. He's got such a cool vibe, a great smile, I just all around like him. He did an amazing job with this song tonight.

Elise-(Lady Gaga)-I liked her at the piano but it didn't keep the same feel when she left the piano. While this is good, it's not nearly as good as the week that she did Led Zeppelin. The judges liked it so she may be safe.

Best of the night: Skylar, Joshua, Phillip

Safe: Colton, Elise, and probably Jessica, although I don't agree.

Going: as much as I hate to say it, it's probably Hollie. I love her but her performances are just getting flatter.

What do you think? Am I crazy to think that Jessica needs to do something different or she will go? Will this be the week that one of the favorites leave? I'll admit it-I'm not voting this week. Who did you vote for?

Headless Mom


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I actually remembered to watch this time. I adore Colton and Phillip. They are just so gosh-darned cool and likeable.

Skylar reminds me a lot of Reba and she really shined during her solo tonight.

I don't remember ever seeing duets and found myself flipping through channels during this time.

Sounds as if the judges are also waiting for Jessica to bust out.

Joshua had me butt-dancing on the couch -- he is just so much fun to watch and listen to.

Not sure about Hollie and Elise. Then again, haven't watched the show in a while and sounds like they've done better.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I do think Jessica has an amazing voice but that was a strange song!
I believe she is well liked by many. I agree with your best and that Hollie will be going home. I really like Hollie but she just isn't ready. I vote online and it makes it super easy.

Headless Mom said...

I predicted it. Jessica was voted off, but saved by the judges. Ugh.