Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Idol-Top 5

First up- The 60's with Steven Van Zant

Hollie- River Deep, Mountain High- I think she's trying too hard for the emotion and loosing it in the translation. I love her voice but she doesn't have the Wow! factor that it takes to win. She looks great tonight, that dress is really cute!

Phillip- The Letter- His vibe is SO cool. This is a great interpretation of this song-not one of my faves but it might be if this was the version that I knew. I agree with Randy.

Skyler- (I missed the name of the song. Again.) CCR- She brings such energy and excitement to everything that she does. Is it only me, or do you always want to tap your toes when she's on? Great job, Skyler!

Duet interlude....

Jessica- Rollin' on the River- Yeah, I'm just not feeling her anymore. Not my style, and I don't think that she's going to make it.

Joshua- Ain't Too Proud to Beg- Oh Yeah! He is soooo good. This is pretty close to perfect, don't you think? I agree with the judges.

Next up- Brit Pop- (Kind of a weird group of songs, no?)

Hollie- Wow. She is really kicking it up a notch. These 2 songs tonight will save her. I'm going to vote for her because she deserves one more week, at least. She sounded beautiful, and emotional, and, well, she should stay.

Phillip- Ouch. I don't think this is the greatest song for Phillip. It's way too high for him to hold the notes like he should, and it's painful. No, I'm not loving it at all. Sorry. He could be in trouble tonight.

Trio interlude.....

Skyler- I think she did a great job of infusing this song with just the right amount of country but I wonder if the younger viewers will get it. She might lose a few votes on this one. I loved it but I'm not sure everyone will.

Jessica- Ugh. I'm tired of her. Can she please go hone tomorrow? This is really boring. I really hope that they don't tell her how wonderful it was because it wasn't. Blergh.

Joshua- To use an overused phrase, Dude could sing the phone book and sound great. He can do a ballad, an R&B classic, a pop staple, and kill them all. He is so.good. 'Nuff said.

So, here's what I think:

Top 2: Joshua, Hollie.

Bad night but I love them so I hope they're safe: Phillip, Skylar. (His first song rocked but the second sucked.) (Her songs were ok but not well known.)

Should go: Jessica

What do you think?

Headless Mom

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Joshua and Hollie were my favorites. I still love Phillip.
Jessica....time to go. No doubt that she has one of the best voice!