Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seasons Change

Last week we were still in the baseball playoffs. It was a long, tough season for my HB#2. His team only won 3 games. Ouch. He did learn a lot this season: he learned how to play first base really well, and he finally put that hitting thing together to have a few great hits... to the fence, even. (Soon, he should be hitting it over the fence. Maybe next year!) We made made good friends along the way. But I think we were all glad to be done, to be honest with you.

So guess what tonight brought? No, really. Guess.

Yep. You guessed it. Preseason conditioning for football. And, have I mentioned that I'm on the board for football now? So I have to be at everything. Glutton for punishment.

At least I now have a really good reason to say no to other volunteer commitments!

Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one. What do you volunteer for?

Headless Mom


Keetha Broyles said...

I volunteer:

1) Shepherd's Loft 3 mornings a week

2) Nursing home ministry every 1st and 3rd Sunday

3) Traditional worship team leader once a month, twice if there's a 5th Sunday

4) Teach a Wednesday night kid's class during the school year

Yah - - - it's time I used the N-O word for a while too!

Issas Crazy World said...

I bring spoons or napkins to all kid school functions. That has to count for something right? ;)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What happened to relaxing over summer vacation?

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Dude, you are amazing. The board is lucky to have you!

kyooty said...

I just got in from a Parent committee meeting for the elementary school and while there another Mom recruited me for Curling. I'm just glad my dh is doing the middle school meetings and the bowling work. Oh and Band. :)

kyooty said...

in other news uh the coments say "June 10th?"