Monday, July 23, 2012

Two Weeks

Exactly two weeks from tonight the first day of school will be in the books. We will have homework and forms to fill out, football practice, and I will be shooing children to bed.

Seriously, in TWO WEEKS.

I cannot tell you how pissed off I am about this. When I think of all of the wasted school days and half days that my children spend in school when they are doing NOTHING I could scream. They could easily shave 14 days off of the school calendar, eliminate class party days and 'wear your pjs to school because all we're going to do is lay around on the floor and read' days and at least half of the 'half' days and BOOM! Full school year. And then I would get a real, full summer with my kids.

Bitter? Absolutely. This is the first summer in a long time, since maybe Headless Girl was little, that I am dreading the start of school. Our summer went WAY too fast and I'm not happy. Yes, we've had fun. Yes, we've had 3 'vacations'. I'm telling you, it wasn't enough.

Yes, I'm sick of the bickering, but they do that during the school year anyway, so what's the difference? Yes, I'm sick of the XBOX, but I'm always sick of it, so what's the difference? What I'm not sick of is going to the amusement park with my kids, swimming, going to the park with friends, camping. Yes, I said it. I'd even want another week to be able to go camping with my family.

I'm not ready for 5-days-a-week of football. Of having to push through homework to make it to said practice. I'm not ready to have to cook dinner by 4 pm so the footballer can eat and not puke his dinner when he gets to the field. I'm not ready for (2 of) my kids to be in 2 different schools for the first time ever. I'm not ready for 6 am wake up calls, or cooking breakfast, or making sack lunches for a kid who doesn't like lunch food. I'm not ready, dammit.

Headless Mom


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This time just flew by. I feel like I just saw you the other day at bowling yet here you are already getting ready for school to start. I think you have a great point about all those usless days at school. They could give you the whole month of August. It always worked in the past! School should never start before Labor Day. Well make the most of these last two weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Kendra - Thanks for your honesty....I think so many moms feel this same way. Summer is way too short and the abuse of time during the "school" day is really NOT OK. Great post with a solid dose of honesty, truth, and "mama protection" of those dear boys.....Hang in there! Ann W

kyooty said...

Yes! sure I'm cranky when I hear 'MOM he hit me" but I'm not sick of having them home with me. I miss them when they are at school. We have 6wks left but we've only been off 4.5

kyooty said...

In other news we'll ahve to talk lunches in 2-4wks because I also have a child that doesn't like packed lunches but I refuse to buy cafe food.

Karen said...

Here here, I too am dreading it!