Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Contentment. Elusive for some. Creeps up on others.

My husband is one of the former. He's always looking forward. Looking to see what he's missing. Wanting something more, different, better? Is it there? Not always. Sometimes. This is a general trait of his, creeping into all parts of his personality and his life.

I'm different. While I may not love where I live, (OMG IT'S HOTTER THAN HELL,) I'm content in the fact that we have a lovely home, in a nice neighborhood, with some pretty fantastic friends. Do I want to move? Perhaps, if the right situation presented itself, but I'm not out pursuing it. Do I long for a smaller house (less to clean)/pool/travel/less bills/new clothes/whatevertheflavorofthedayis? Sure, but since I feel that I'm more than comfortable in the life that I have I don't look too far forward.

I try to keep my eyes on the here and now. I gave up what little career that I had begun to focus on my family. 13 years, perhaps to the day, of focusing solely on my husband, my children, and our home. I think I have 10-ish left before all of my kids have graduated and are on their own. I can't focus that far in the future to see what it will look like.

My here and now looks like this: My 21 year old HG lives at home while working full time and getting ready to start her final semester as an undergrad. My 12 yo HB#1 just started junior high and is shining as a music student while kicking ass in the academic department. The 10 yo HB#2 is a man-child, towering over children his own age, playing football, hanging out with his elementary school friends, still acting like a 10 year old, thankyouJesus. The farthest that I can realistically look into the future is to plan the school calendar through May. This month I have to get through 5 days-a-week football and trying to figure out what to cook every night of the week. (That task is way more difficult than it might seem.) September will bring planning for October birthdays; October brings planning for a November birthday and Thanksgiving.

You get the picture.

There is too much in front of me to not be content. This is the life I chose and for now I have to be content. I am content.

Headless Mom


Keetha Broyles said...

I think I'm more like you about contentment and Fisherhubby is more like headless dad.

When we lived in Indiana, and my heart really wanted to be back "home" in Wisconsin, I kept remember the verse where Paul said, "I have learned whatever STATE I am in, therewith to be content."

I decided that though he probably meant CONDITION OF LIFE, that the word STATE could also stretch to include Indiana.


Chinabelle said...

I love the description "creeps up on others"... I'm totally this. Thanks for the reminder!

Karen Rothfus said...

So well written!

Melisa said...

Love it. Always looking for the next best thing or "what's coming up" is exhausting. Much better to live in the now and count blessings.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a good place. Can I move in with you?