Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Things I Miss from my Childhood

Shamelessly stolen from Issa and Schmutzie. You should do it too. They did 25.

1- Riding my bike in our cul-de-sac until well after dark in the summer.
2- Watching the Disneyland fireworks from the corner of our street.
3- Not having to plan a meal.
4- Not having to pay bills.
5- Playing Barbies. (As a child. It's way different trying to play as an adult. Doesn't translate.)
6- Sitting at the kid's table and not being expected to do the dishes.
7- Riding the bus for ski club in jr. high.
8- Skiing.
9- The Chinese place in my Colorado hometown.
10- New dresses for Easter.
11- Putting on 'shows' after dinner.
12- Walking down to the drugstore at the end of the block to buy candy. With a quarter. And coming   home with a pocket full.
13- Sleepovers.
14- The feeling of butterflies when you run into the cute boy in the halls of the school.
15- My flat stomach.


Kathleen said...

I'm with you on #11. I wish there was something like "Wonderful World of Disney" that we could watch with Eli.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Bet you were a real cute kid, too ;)

kyooty said...

I can't imagine having a pocket full of candy for 25cents? How old are you? :P That's something my Parents would day. HA! When I was say 6 chips were 25cents, and that was the "hefty bag" by Hostess. A candy Bar was 35cents. Penny candy? were 2pennies. Oh right, American $ :P

IASoupMama said...

Hey, random rowmie! I miss some of those things, too -- especially the hoot doing the dishes part!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I loved going to the candy store. I loved Sweet Tarts when they came out!

Melisa said...

Growing up when we did was awesome. I miss many of those things too!