Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Saturday

It is mind-boggling that it is the first Saturday in November. I honestly have NO idea where the last 3 months went.

Uh, oh yeah. Football. That's where they went.

Today was the last regular season game for HB#2's football team. 7-2, baby! This is a really talented group of kids and I would love for them to do well in the playoffs. #2's teams have never gotten past the second game of the playoffs, so it would be really exciting.

Since I'm on the board, I spent the entire day at the football field for our last home game, on my feet for most of it. Unfortunately, all four of our teams lost today. Three of the teams have already made the playoffs, so we were just playing for playoff seed positions, but it still stinks to lose your last game.

#2 said to me last night before practice that he was getting a little tired of football. (Ya think?) Rather than agreeing with him and trashing it, I reminded him of a few things. First, he's been playing non-stop since the last week of July, and twice a week before that. That is a loooooong season. Second, it's ok to be a little tired of it but he couldn't mentally 'quit.' That would mean quitting on his teammates and that's not ok. He is on a team with some 13 year olds and this is their last year in the youth league. I asked him if he would want to win it all in his last year playing and he said 'Of course!' So, someday, he will be on a team with kids younger than he is and he would want them to play hard for the championship, so in turn, he needs to play hard now. Third, after today, there are only, potentially, three games left. Three. He can hang in there for three games. Fourth,  I had to agree with him that I'm a little tired of it too but the board is counting on my help and support, so just like him, I have to go because I am also committed to the 'team'.

He gets it. I know he does. But holy cow, as much as I love football, I'm glad we only have three games left, too.


Rocks In The Wash said...

Wise words from the "Mama bird" to her "Baby bird." :)

Louise Ducote said...

Just replace the word "football" with "baseball" and there you have my life!

kyooty said...

3 games? wow that's it? Team Sports are awesome for teaching commitment.