Thursday, November 29, 2012

T-2 posts

November is long, y'all.

I'm out of ideas, I need a night off. I need to write lists and clean and shop and coordinate my calendars, you know, just take care of business. It feels weird that it's still November and Thanksgiving was a week ago. And December is still 2 days away. Weird.

NaBloPoMo is a great exercise for me. It gets my writing juices flowing again. (Yes, I know, just in time for me to be buried with Christmas stuff. Still.) I'm looking forward to doing some of Diana's Writer's Reverb for 2012 posts. She has some great topics relating to those of us who write for a living, or like me, aspire to. You should follow along. I'm planning on doing some of them, maybe not all, but go check it out. I bet you'll like it.


The holidays are looming. What's your favorite part? The food? The parties? The presents? I'll answer, you'll just have to remind me. My mind is jello after 29 posts. One left, y'all. One more.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

The decorating, the baking, the gifts for my family and friends.
Definitely love the music!