Saturday, November 17, 2012

14 Things I Don't Miss From My Childhood

  1. Having to go to bed. I'm a night owl and have always had the FOMS (fear of missing something,) so having someone tell me to go to bed kinda stunk.
  2. The horrible feeling when the boy you liked, liked someone else.
  3. Never getting the pair of Chemin-de-fer jeans that I wanted sooooooo badly. 
  4. My mom and dad being gone when I had a duet in 6th grade. (It's an inside joke. It was probably the only thing they missed in my entire childhood. I mess with them when I can. )
  5. Walking to the bus stop in the snow.
  6. The feeling of never fitting in with the 'popular' crowd.
  7. Peer pressure. While it didn't feel like peer pressure, the feeling that everyone else was doing something sucked. No one ever pressured me into doing anything, the pressure was all my own, seemingly to fit in. 
  8. Thinking that being an adult would be better.
  9. Having friends that always had boyfriends when I hardly ever did.
  10. Teachers always telling my mom that "she could be doing so much better if she would just apply herself."
  11. Fighting with my brother.
  12. Getting a chest earlier than many of the other girls and having the boys always talk to me while looking about 12 inches below my eyes.
  13. Thinking that I would marry this one certain guy. I wasted so many hours on pining away after him. 
  14. Feeling fat and ugly. I can't miss what doesn't go away.
I'm no Schmutzie, with the 25 of these. Maybe if I had read her list, or Issa's, I may have gotten more ideas. Steal away, like Mary did!


Anonymous said...

What a good idea! I always lament missed opportunities from childhood. Maybe I should do a list of things I don't miss about that time! Thanks!

Anna See said...

i liked learning more about you from this post. xo

kyooty said...

You caught me didn't you :) hehehe