Saturday, November 24, 2012

This or That

While doing a little catch up in my reader this evening I found this over at Deb's blog. Who took it from It's My Life, by way of Adventures of D and V. Please steal borrow it from me!

1. Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
2. Morning or Night: Night
3. Eating in or Out: It's a toss up.
4. Cats or Dogs: Both, er, another toss up.
3. Apple or Windows: Apple
4. Store bought or homemade cookies: Homemade, as long as they're soft.
5. East coast or West Coast: East coast
6. Night out or night in: Night out! But I am kinda anti social, so most nights are in anyway.
7. Coke or Pepsi: Coke
8. Laundry or Dishes: Laundry
9. Football or Baseball: Football (Although I do love me some boys of summer...)
10. Reality TV or Sitcom: Sitcom
11. Electronic reader or paperback: Paperback
12. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (Although I do love me some Twitter...)
13. Eloping or Wedding: Wedding
14. Math/Science or Language Arts: Language Arts
15. Salt or Pepper: Pepper
16. Friday or Sunday: Sunday-Church and football, in that order.
17. Movie theater or rentals: What's a movie? Theater for the popcorn. I go so seldom that I don't worry about the calories.
18. Paper newspaper or online news: Blech. Neither.
19. Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving: Valentine's Day. Less pressure
20. Oscars or Grammy's: Grammy's
21. Gas stove or electric: Gas
22. Gold or Silver: Gold
23. Coke or Tea: Coke
24. City or Country: Country
25. Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds
26. Peanut butter or Jelly: Neither, but definitely not peanut butter
27. Colors or black/white: Colors
28. Online shopping or actual shopping: In store
29. College or High School: High School (I don't understand this one. I graduated from both, have friends from both. Hmm.)
30. Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
31. Make up your own This or That for readers to answer in the comments section!
Popcorn or Pretzels? Both. Depends on what I'm drinking. Coke=Popcorn Pretzels=beer!
32. Beer or Wine? Uh, what do you think?


Anna See said...

it's always fun to learn more about you!!

Mrs. Potts said...

Thanks for the idea. I have to say I borrowed it.

Tracey Brumlik said...

I'm stealing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm saying wine....cheers!
I was thinking of pictures on the colors/B&W. I figured it was the highest level you finished in school. That was fun, glad you played along.