Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well done, California.

You just raised taxes in the four major categories. Sales, Income, Property and Business.

Aren't we still in a recession? Who, exactly has the money/income to pay for this? Because I certainly don't.

Congratulations on forcing more businesses out of state, taking jobs with them. You over there that has been out of work for the last 4 years or so? Hang tight. You won't be finding another one soon.

Raising the sales tax? Brilliant. More small shops will be closing because they can't offer the big discounts that the big retailers can and their sales will go down. Oh, and those Wal*Marts that you love to hate? That's the only company that can afford to open stores, so get used to seeing more of them. Oh, and they are the only place we'll be able to afford to shop anymore anyway. Maybe you can work there?

Those young couples that were close to saving enough to get into the housing market? You just gave them a boot out of my neighborhood by raising our property taxes.

Thanks, too, for raising my income taxes. We're a one income family, three kids, one in college. I just can't WAIT to give the government more of the few pennies we have left after bills and tuition. Because we already have so many left over anyway. (You do know what sarcasm is, right?)

And really? All this money that you think you're going to raise gets sent where??? Oh right. Sacramento. The place that drove the 8th largest economy in the world into the crapper. Yeah, no one trusts them but yet somehow the voters gave them a whole bunch of money to spend how they'd like. But since the state government here loves to give handouts I suppose you'll do ok.

Well done, California. Thanks a lot.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It doesn't make sense but not many things make sense to me these days. It was the first thing Mark said to me about the election, he was pissed!

Karen Rothfus said...

Well said!!!!

kyooty said...

I'm curious what is the tax rate there? ?

Melisa said...

Gah. Illinois government is full of the same kind of idiots. They must be related.