Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again!

A little nervous, I'll admit.
 The day after Valentine's Day was THE DAY. I was getting my hair done. I had thought about it for a while. Discussed it with my stylist. Checked Pinterest. Emailed pictures. Decided to just.do.it.already. February 15th was THE DAY.

I arrived for my 10:45 appointment and we promptly got started. To do what I wanted to do I knew it was going to take a long time. Double processing: Bleach out most of my head, color the roots and rest, then re color what the bleach had taken away. @UncleCrappy, one of my cohorts over at Draft Day Suit thought it looked like I had burritos in my hair. Hey! Lunch and a new 'do!

Point of reference: When I was a teenager I used to listen to my mom and her best friend from high school, (who is also my aunt,) talk about the time that they used a red rinse in their hair. This was in the 1950's when this kind of thing were kinda taboo, ya know? Anyway, my grandmother was pretty torked that my mom had colored her hair and she made my mom wash it over and over and over and over that night (about 20 times!) until most of the red rinse was gone. Somehow this story stuck with me and I assumed that my mother would have done the same thing. When I was in high school I really really wanted to do something c.r.a.z.y. with my hair. Those were the 80's, you know? Shaved on one side, mohawks, punk colors. I was jealous of anyone who could do THAT.

A couple of years ago I did purple streaks. I loved them but it wasn't nearly enough.

Fast forward to February 15, 2013. I'm a 44 year old married mom of 3. I'm an adult, right? I can make my own decisions and if I want purple hair there is no one to stop me.

Ta Da!
So look out Blissdom! Me and my purple hair will be there with bells on. (OK, well, maybe not the bells. I usually only wear those at Christmas time. But the purple hair? It's staying.)


Rocks In The Wash said...

L-O-V-E it! Also, love the fact that you still LOVE the color purple after all these years!!

kyooty said...

cute!!! I don't hve the guts to dye mine a natural colour let alone something "different"

Michele said...


Stimey said...

Oh, I love it!!!!! Good for you!

Michelle said...

Too funny! I was thinking about your purple streaks when I started reading this. I will DEFINITELY be able to spot you from across the room next week. How fun! What does everyone think?

Katie said...

Very cool! I am working up the courage to dye my hair... But just the underneath part, in the back.. I'm not sure I would be allowed back at work if I did the whole thing a funky color!