Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why I Don't Take My Kids to the Beach

So often you hear people that live in wonderful sounding locales say that they never do the thing that makes that place so appealing. Like here. Southern California is known for it's weather and it's beaches. The weather, yes, we rarely hit freezing in the winter, but in the summer it's rarely below 90 during the day. Which for you might mean that it's a "Hit the beach" day. For me? This is what it looks like.

6:45- My alarm goes off. Get coffee. STAT.
7:00- Wake kids up.
7:15- Drink coffee, check facebook.
7:45- Eat yogurt. Wonder why I don't hear the kids.
8:00- Realize kids went back to sleep. Wake them up again with stern warning. Begin to make lunch.
8:05-8:50- Herd children, gather food and drinks.
9:00- Call #2's friend to see if he can go with us.
9:30- Decide to leave. Realize #1's friend isn't ready yet.
9:45- Finally leave house.
10:00- Pick up #1's friend and get on freeway.
11:00- Drive into parking lot of beach.
11:15- Finally settled on the sand, think "That wasn't so bad."
11:20- Pull out Kindle and read. Children do as they wish, especially since we're right next to a lifeguard tower.
12:00- Feed the kids and self. Resume reading.
1:20- Attempt to nap.
1:45- Gather children and stuff. Walk to car. (We have to leave early because #2 starts football practice today. Sigh.)
2:00- Leave beach parking lot.
3:00- Finally get on freeway.
4:00- Finally return home. Collapse. (But only for a short time because we have to be at practice at 5:30)

See what a nice day at the beach got me? An equal amount of time in my car in traffic. THIS is why my kids haven't been to the beach here all summer. And! Why we will not be going again unless their father can drive us and we plan on staying longer than 3 hours.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Ya, you really need the whole day to make it worth while but I'm glad you went!

kyooty said...

wow really? I live close to the ocean (if you call 1.5hours close, so those days take more planning), but on a river. Our "Beach" has turned into River time. I have a very hard time going without the Dad because I do not swim and my oldest is like myself a nervous nelly, even with lifeguards.
We try to aim for 3pm, and get home at 830 or 9 after the Dad has done all the cooking and clean up. LOL
I am though thinking of taking the boys tomorrow for a day trip while Dad works. They need an electronic free day, but then they aren't practicing for baseball. hmmm