Saturday, November 22, 2014

Championship Saturday

When your kids are little and you're changing a thousand diapers a day you never think it will come to this. I'm here to tell you, it can, and it does. We were lucky this weekend that we didn't overlap and had to split.... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

HB#2's football team had a rocky start this year. They won their first game by forfeit. The killed a few teams. They got killed by a couple of teams. They have had injuries. But they have plugged along and ended up winning their division. Finally a championship for my boy! That led to the regional tournament, which should have started 3 weeks ago but after a bye week and then 2 teams dropping out of the next 2 weeks of games, we ended up in the regional championship game. (Further than any other team from our area!) So off we went at 7 am, so we wouldn't be late for the 8 am meeting. (We made it in PLENTY of time. Lombardi time, X2.) The game started at 10 and almost immediately we knew that it was going to be a struggle. Our first possession was a 3 and out. Then the other team scored. And again. And... well, you get the drift. Despite losing 6-34, I'm still super proud of our team for making it this far. I hope that they can put it back together for our next two 'bowl' games coming up in the next 2 weeks!

HB#1 is in Marching Band and has loved it. Since it is my first year as a band parent I really had no idea what to expect from competitions. So far I've loved it and have really learned a lot. Our band, from what I've been told, has not gone to the finals in many, many years. Last weekend we were waiting on pins and needles to get our score-we needed to score high enough to stay in the top 12 bands in our division to go to the finals this weekend. At midnight last Saturday we checked the standings and we were in 11th place-- by .08! So tonight is the night. #1 is already on his way with his band and we're leaving soon. Realistically, the kids are thrilled to be in the championships and from what I understand would just like to place. You know, take home some kind of trophy. Again, I'm so proud of these kids and how hard that they've worked.

Wish us luck!

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kyooty said...

Congrats to the boys. Making it to Championship games and performances are something to be proud of.