Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday night in the Headless Household

We're partiers around here.....

Made dinner of pork shoulder, Pot Roast Style. Ate at 7:30.

One episode of Scorpion, one of Bones.

One asleep on the couch before we started eating; same went to sleep on the couch after we ate. That one went to bed at 9 or so. Another followed shortly after.

And here I sit, trying to get the kids in bed before I fall over.

(This sleep thing is critical tonight. We have to be up early for the city parade that #1 is marching in. Then they are going 4-wheeling. Then there is a major band competition tomorrow night. I see tiredness in my future.)

We really now how to tie one on around here.


kyooty said...

Our Friday was just as "exciting". I was in bed by 9 too. I find once I hit Friday I don't want to do anything!

Melisa Wells said...

Parrrrr-tay! (LOL, our Friday night was eerily similar, without the kid part. Yawn!)