Thursday, July 16, 2015


March. My last post. Things have been pretty crazy around here. I'll catch you up on some things, others I'll leave out. I have lots I want to write about but the first post after such a long absence is always awkward. Klunky.

We finished the second class at church. Really good. This class focused on healing from the big hurts in your life, learning how to forgive, and learning how to ask for forgiveness. In April I attended a women's retreat at the same camp that my kids have gone to for about 15 years. It's up in our local mountains and really beautiful. I'm glad I now have the perspective to understand what my kids talk about!

The 6 weeks following the retreat? All unblogable. Probably some of my worst days ever, for lots of different reasons.

My parents came for a lovely visit. As usual, too short! The first few weeks of summer for the kids were relaxing. We didn't do much but that was by design because since the 15th of June we haven't stopped moving. For real.

The short version of the rest of the summer: June 19 leave for vacation, June 20 arrive at campsite in Colorado. Leave June 29, home midnight June 30. July 1 clean and return motorhome. Pack the boys for their next trip. Deliver luggage July 3. Boys leave July 5. Boys return July 13. #2 reports to football camp in San Diego July 16. Pick up #2 on the 20th. #1 goes to music camp every day from July 20-24, driving into LA. (Up to 2 1/2 hours each way, depending on traffic!) Then all of the local stuff starts: marching band camp, football, register at school.

I'm tired just reading all of that and it's not over yet.

So there's your nutshell version of the last 4 months. There are way more fun things that I'd like to write about so I wanted to get this out of the way. Please, please tell me what you're doing this summer? Tell me what your kids are doing or where you went for vacation? Write whatever you want in my comments. I miss you. I miss our conversations.

Let's get back to this, shall we?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice to see a post today. Gosh you have been busy. That drive to LA for music camp will not be fun. What are you going to do while he is there? Hope you have a nice weekend. It was nice seeing you last week.

Shannon Entin said...

I've got nothing good to share about this summer. It's been non-stop injury, illness, home emergencies and other train wrecks. I went to the movies to see Ant-Man today. That was a highlight. Sounds busy on your end! Take time to breathe. :-)

kyooty said...

WAves! from Canada. Your summer sounds full. We got out the 19th from school and have been very slowly moving into summer ideas, because well summer is so short. Tonight. Youngest and Dh are doing Ball this year, the older 2 didn't join. They mostly aged out of their skill levels. WE have the inlaws here. We went to Nova Scotia for Canada Day, but they cancelled the fireworks due to fog and rain. The redo was the 4th! which is hilarious in all honesty because while watching the Canada day parade the US Colonials were marching too.
I miss your posts :)

kyooty said...

yes :)