Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventure Wish List

Just Margaret asked me to post about adventures that I'd like to have. Adventures are closely linked with travel so I purposely left this part out of my last post about vacations. Most adventures that I'd like to have right now would include my family. I'd like to take them to see places in our country that are historic and beautiful and meaningful to me and their dad. In no particular order, I present, the Headless Family Adventure Wish List:

  • Washington DC- I want to take my kids to see everything there, including the stuff in Virginia. And I want to drive them over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I remember doing that by myself on the way to my friend A's wedding (She writes Rocks in the Wash.) and I was terrified. But I did it. And it was very cool. The eastern shore of Virginia is beautiful. Oh, and there is a little issue of visiting one of my best internet pals. I'd stop and see her too. I mean, we'd be in the neighborhood, so we might as well, right? ;-)
  • New York City- My #2 has wanted to go there since he was in Kindergarten. Why? I have no clue, but I'd love to be able to take him. There is so much that I've never done in NYC that it would be a great trip for all of us. Oh, my mom and dad would have to come too. (Get this: in all of the years that my dad was an airline pilot she never went to NYC. That's just wrong, isn't it?) I'd also take them out to Montauk. I love that beach for the memories I have from a trip that I took in high school. We would have to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral and some spots in Jersey since my husband's family has ties to those areas. I have a few other friends I could visit there too. Hmmmm, I'm sensing a theme here.....
  • Boston-Boston is my #1 favorite city in the United States. I could walk those streets forever. I'd take the boys to MIT and Boston University, to Fenway and Faneuil. I'd want to go to Cape Cod, since I've never been. I would take them up the coast to Bar Harbor. And yes, Margaret, I'd visit you on this trip, too!
So basically, I'd do the US History Trifecta. If money was no object I would just start on the south end and work my way up the coast, ending in October in Maine so we could see the colors. Would 4 weeks do it? 6 weeks? Aah, what the hell, make it an even 2 months.

Lottery, here I come!


  1. Yes, YES, NYC!!! Oh, the fun we would have :)

  2. ha! I'm right above Maine. :) hhehe so what's a little border hopping you since it's 2months.

  3. you had better come see me in VA. you guys can stay w/ us and take the metro into dc! xo

  4. Great! Glad to see that Cape Cod is on the list. If you win the lottery, I would suggest Chatham Bars Inn, if you don't, you can stay with me :)

  5. I wish money were no object for any of us...sigh...


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