Friday, December 21, 2007

The To Do list, tonight

So, I made it through the 33 houses. One of the fathers asked me if I drink when I go home from a day like that. I almost said "Do you want a swig of what's in my cup?" Ha! I kid, but did tell him it crossed my mind. He was amazed at how the teacher could get through that. So am I.

The house is mostly clean now-1 bathroom left, the kitchen floor, and the guest room is all. HD got 1 of the gifts left on my list, and I grabbed stocking stuffers tonight. All of the laundry is done and will be put away tomorrow. I have maybe 6 gifts left to buy. Tomorrow I will do most of that shopping, (all?) and then take the boys to see Santa. Sunday will be for all of the grocery shopping.

And Sunday night I will fall over. Or drink. Or maybe both?!

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