Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yes, I STILL have the flu. I'm at the point that I am so over this, but can't get over it. Crazy! Same symptoms as always, it just WON'T GO AWAY! On the plus side, I think I've lost about 5-10 lb., although I can't really be sure because the battery in my NEW scale is dead. Perfect.

In AI news-The 2 front runners are now the guy who sang 'Papa was a rollin' stone' and 'Imagine." Wasn't crazy about the rest, but really when you're in bed with the fever/shivers how can you really tell?

The Headless Grandparents are here for the wedding on Friday night. It is so good to have your mom and dad around when you're sick!

If there are no more posts after this it must be because I've died. You don't have to send flowers.


Queen B said...

I'm so sorry you are still sick! I'm glad your parents are there. That rocks.

I agree on AI. I loved the "Imagine" boy the most.

Get Better! Don't kick it!!

Keetha said...

Don't even MENTION that particular "D" word!!!!! But I DO know how bad one feels with that particular flu bug.

Sam said...

At least you're not being dramatic about it. ;P

Just take it easy, sis. You'll get better. One of my friends in NYC had it for the better part of a week. As in, Sunday-Saturday.

Just rest and everything will be fine.