Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An American Idol Party

Thanks to BooMama for letting all of us tell all of you what we thought! I am purposely not even reading what she wrote because I want to get my thoughts out first...so here goes.

My faves on the night were: Chekezie (his best performance of the season), Carly (have been on the fence about her, she rocked tonight), Brooke (What to say? She's truly lovely and talented!), David Cook (really cool), and my fave-est Jason (He is my pick for far for all around).

My guess as to who will go home? Kristy Lee Cook. She seems really uncomfortable on stage and '8 days a week' just didn't work. Her arrangement was WAY too fast (which the judges missed, btw)-she chased it and never caught up. Sorry Kristy, I call them like I see them by the week. My second guess would have to be Ramiele-she does have a great voice (as seen in Hollywood week, etc.) but she can't seem to up the ante these last couple of weeks. She is possibly too young to handle the level that most of these kids are at.

Well, off to bed-cant' wait to read what you all said!

(OOh! While inserting my links I realized that I forgot to mention that I loooooved that it was Beatles night. WOW. Some of the greatest songs of the last 50 years and by and large I think the Idols got it.)


Melzie said...

I think Ramiele is falling off fast too. Maybe in a few years she might do better. Thanks for blogging about it ;) xoxo melzie

Queen B said...

We have the same faves. I think that David H or Kristi or Ramiele will go.

Robin said...

Hi- I'm here via Boomama. I agree with your observations. I'm pretty sure it has to be Kristie going home tonight - it was just so painful to listen to 8 Days a Week. I do worry about Ramiele too.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your obsession with idol, but could you talk about them and also include the song they sang or something about their appearance? I'm not as schooled on their names. Here's how I know them...girl with black hair and bleach blonde skunk thing goin on. Dreadlock (sp?) dude. Cute young blonde who basically told the judges she ought to be going home (sang the country song). You get the picture.