Monday, March 10, 2008

Headlessness Abounds

Saturday went like this: Headless Dad got an emergency call for work and left. I had to take the boys to the Pancake breakfast for baseball. Then we all met back at the field for Opening Day Ceremonies. Then we came home to barbeque for Headless Girl's bible study group. Then we had friends over. (I finally got a glass of wine. Which differs from the whining that I do here. A lot more fun when it is liquid.)

After all of that I slept for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. (Insert groans about the time change here.) HD is the greatest, though. We had barbequed chicken that I didn't have to cook. (Go check out Busy Mom today and find out why I had to link to her. You're smart. I know you can!)

But really? The fun starts today-half days for HBoy 1 all week. I must figure out something for dinner (maybe I'll search the Crockpot Lady,) and run a few other errands. Then this afternoon HB1 has practice at 4, and HB2 has to be at a game by 4:30. 2 different fields. And HGirl will be here hosting another study group. This will likely be my schedule for the next 8-10 weeks.

I know you're jealous.

And as a bonus, go read this. I've never heard them, or of them, but it is beyond my comprehension.

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Queen B said...

You got a 3 hour nap on Sunday?

Now that I AM jealous of...