Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taking the First Step

When you have projects that you need to get to how do you decide what to do? Especially when faced with the fact that there are every day things that need to be done? For instance, the boys' room is a disaster area. They really can't do it alone right now, it is too far gone. BUT I also have mounds of laundry, (who doesn't?), bathrooms to clean, and other projects (the bathroom remodel to finish, boxes to go through, etc...). I'm almost paralyzed with the mental to do list but can't seem to move very far forward. (Mary had a great tip related to this but I have to decide where to start!!)

So pray for me and my indecision and my trouble spots!


kelly said...

I have a good one for this that I just learned at my is called Brain dump (and it's fun, kind of to see the end result of all the crud that is stuck in your brain) Take a piece of paper and on it write ALL the things that are swimming around in that brain, all the big "to do" items as well as the small irritating things like "change the light bulb over the garage" or "clip this freakin hang nail" or "find and take back library books". Carry it with you because I'll be darned if these thoughts don't pop into your head at the worst times (going potty, driving in the car, drifting off to sleep). Anyhooooo, jot them all down then use that as your list. Once it is out of your brain you'll feel better already and some of it you can just mark off and call it a dumb thing to have been thinking about. Delegate other tasks, and do the easy stuff first so you can get the reward of marking off the list.
OR just leave you head all cluttered could also open like 13 windows on your computer to get a visual of how slooooooow things work when you've got too much going on all at one time! :)

Keetha said...

About housework I am a procrastinator of the worst kind - - - so I'm not the one to answer this question.

UNLESS you want affirmation in continuing to put these jobs off - - - I have LOTS of that for you. ;-)

My way to solve these dilemmas is to HIRE house help.