Friday, March 7, 2008

Bowling, American Idol and the Dentist (but mostly just the dentist)

My mom reminded me that I didn't tell you all about my stellar day on Tuesday. For those of you that are new here, I am in a bowling league every Tuesday morning. This week I bowled a 508 series (score for 3 games). This is really good for those of you who don't know. Plus, we have side pots for each game and I won $13 for the 3rd game side pot-I had the best scratch score+handicap. Woo Hoo!

For you AI fans-Was I right? All of my must-go people did, and my faves are in. Thank goodness I don't have to listen to whiny Noriega any more.

I really hate our dentist. Surprise, surprise, right? A couple of years ago I had had it with this office, lets call it Office A, for many reasons, including but not limited to outrageous wait times on the phone, rude people on the phone, and lack of reasonable scheduling lead times, (i.e. calling to get an appointment and there not being an opening for 3+ months!). At that time I switched our family to another office, Office B. I chose this office because the practice was smaller, I had a recommendation for them, and when I called they listened to me and tried to accommodate our schedule. Things were fine (mostly anyway) until Headless Dad talked to someone in his office that used the same dentist. Ultimately we found out that Office B had been routinely overcharging for everything, including office visits. They ended up paying us over $600 for those over-payments, and we were back to square one. On HD's request we have now been back at Office A since October and until this week haven't had any problems. Headless Girl needed to get in for a cleaning and exam and I called 2 weeks ago for the appointment. (She is hard to schedule for because she has AP classes that we rarely allow her to miss.) They informed me that I had to fill out new paperwork for her, the only one in the family that has had to do this. Ok-annoying, but ok. Then because she is 'under age' I had to wait the whole time-45 minutes for them to take x-rays and look at her teeth, plus the 15 min. early, then they made me wait 20+ min. to schedule 2 more appointments, one for a cleaning and the other to fill a cavity. And yet again, I will have to wait for the entire duration of her next 2 appointments.

The lack of civility that these people use to talk to their patients is maddening. They have no concern for us as patients, people, OR THE PEOPLE THAT PAY THEM!! The really maddening thing is that they could care less if we leave their office. They don't care about a family of 5-they could make A LOT of money from our 5 mouths. When did it become ok to treat customers like this? If I was treated this way in a restaurant I would walk out. Most regular retail shops wouldn't allow their employees to treat their customers this way. Why does it seem to be ok for the dental offices of this area to have a complete lack of respect for those of us that are paying them?

Anyway, I really don't want to have to change offices again. I have really tried to be nice and accommodating to them (Office A) during this time around but I think I've had it. I also don't have the energy or time it would take to find yet another office and switch again. I hate to be a doormat.

I hate being treated this way.

I hate that it is an issue at all.


Anonymous said...

Call David De and see if he has any recommendation for your area???

Keetha said...

I'm glad SOMEONE can bowl - - - the only way I can even hit a pin instead of a gutter is to GRANNY BOWL!!!!

Keetha said...

About the dentist - - - - I am one of those fortunates who have teeth as hard as rocks and am a ferocious brusher. I ONLY go once a year AT THE MOST. In fact - - - this last time I waited 10 years between visits, and then all I REALLY needed was a good cleaning. :-)

My husband "spends" our Dentist money fast and freely as his teeth are the consistency of butter. That is WHY I wait so long - - - he spends all our dental money by himself!!

Sam said...

Re: the dentist -

If you ever move (back) to CO, our dentist is awesome, nice, helpful, friendly...all those things you don't have where you are.

Beyond that, I got nothin. :)